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  1. Thank you all folks here. I tried all suggestions without succeed. After v2.5.2 all remain the same. I use PC/Vista. I click Home in the vertical menu and the pink window is right there. The Jira show the status resolved! What I have to do? Open a new case? I see many people with this problem. Does Linden guys see this forum? Hope so.
  2. I have the same problem after install the last version of SL viewer. I tried the suggestion below viewing my profile straight to MS Internet explorer. Still not working. I click the SL Logo at the vertical menu (first button) then open a blank window in the place with the same message "SSL handshake faild". Had before clear cache, reboot the machine and nothing work. Also tried use two other different computer. Mine is PC with Windows Vista. Other 2 is PC with Windows XP. Here is the interesting thing. The first PC it doesn't work like the Vista PC, but the other PC notebook, my avatar has the same problem but it is OK with my alt avatar!!! Thank you for any help. I work at SL as a job. I need to have all functions working well. It is important see profiles.
  3. Ok, I tried login second life homepage with Internet Explore, navigate a little, to get the certificate. Also, re-installed the viewer Second Life 2.5.1 (222408) Mar 1 2011 17:32:10 (Second Life Release). The problem still the same. I can't view any profile. I get a pink window with the name "about:blank" on the top and written in the page "SSL Handshake failed". Please, I need some help. I didn't see any other suggestion to fix this. I am using a PC with Windows Vista and Internet Explorer.
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