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  1. There are other reasons to disable conversation logging other than clutter. LIke in my case I have an SSD drive. SSD drives have slower write times and also the more you write to them the faster they wear out. They are more suited to reading info than writing info. That being said the life span of any newer SSD drive will most likely out live your computer especially when you take into consideration have fast they become outdated. Regardless of how much you write to it.

    As far as clutter is concerned though I guess the size of your drive would play a part in it too. My SSD drive is only 40 gigs and windows takes up almost half that.

    I could easily move it to my other drive which is a standard sata drive, which is what I have done in the past, but I figured what the hell its just as easy to shut it off since I never use the info anyway. If I want to copy a conversation I will just copy and paste it into a note card when it happens.

    I just don't see the point of having stuff write to either drive if I don't need it to. Just my choice I guess.

    as far as the "valid" thing, I don't see how you corrolate valid with legal, it is two seperate things. Just because something is legal, doesn't make it valid or vice versa. Take the copyright stuff for the market place. Some of LL's guidlines actually go against Fair Use copy right laws. However its sl's website so they can make up the rules. Whether they are legal or not doesn't mean you can break the rules. This even happens in law, many states have laws that contradict federal laws. Take for instance medical marijuana. Some states legalize it, but federally it is still against the law since it is a controlled substance. There have been many debates about this. During an interview one of the largest medical marijuana outlets in California refused to state how much business they do and how much he makes off from it because he said even though the state won't mess with it he doesn't want to temp the DEA and them shut him down or arrest him.

  2. As far as I know you don't need a premium account to take money out of sl. You can use different vendors inside sl that will do that. You would need somewhere to transfer the money to though. Either a bank acount with a routing number, a debit card, even a pre paid one, or a pay pal acount linked to a bank account or a pay pal debit card.

    However in order to have a premium membership you will need payment info on file with linden labs. You can't simply transfer lindens to your LL account and upgrade. When you try to upgrade they will ask for payment info. But once you get that on there it doesn't need to be valid as long as you keep a balance on your LL acount. I used a debit card that is no longer good for mine and I am still listed as having payment info on file. So you could go to walmart or something and get one of those pre paid debit cards to start your membership if you wanted to. Then just never use it again. Just make sure you have enough money on your account to cover the monthly fees when they try to pull them.


  3. Check your ping and packet loss to sanfransisco or one of the servers if yo ucan. This will let you know if its on your end or if its the sl server. You can either go to speed test.net, and there is a link to check your ping. Or you can do it by command line on your computer directly to a server, but I don't remember exactly how. I quick google search should show you how though.

    My guess would be its SL though in your case. They are doing a lot of work to the servers and the code so things are bound to be messed up now and then.

  4. For one I didn't say anything about "legal" I said valid. And I did address the fact that they can be shared on other places other than LL websites, or websites that specifically prohibit it. It is in no way illegal, in the sense you can be prosecuted for it. What it is is against the rules of that particular company so you are subject to ban or whatever penalties they want give you. I could do the same with a blog. If I made the blog or website I could say sharing IMs or private converstations from my website or any other online game is not condoned. Doesn't make illegal, just means if i catch you doing it I can kick you from my site.

    Keep in mind that remote monitoring could be a legal issue though. Since in the us in order to tape a phone conversation the other person needs to know. Unless that tap was placed by the phone company or the authorities. Again it would be a crime, its simply not admissible as evidence. You don't actually need the permission, you just need to let them know. LIke if you called me and I were going to record it, I would have tell you I am going to record the conversation. You can either hang up, watch what you say closer or not worry about it. Same in sl, you can remotely monitor conversations as long as you place signs out in plain view that you are doing it. Doing it secretely is what gets you in trouble.

    I think were people get these discliamers idea is from calling service centers and hearing the message "your call may be monitored or recorded for the purpose of quality control" or something to that effect.

    Which is why we do it. Not all people that have that in their profile or log conversations are doing it for drama. In our case we are doing it for customer service reasons or to settle a dispute betweena customer and a staff member. Two instances would be: 

    You IM a staff member with a tech question for support on one of our products. That particular person doesn't have the answer or can't help, they forward you to me or someone else. Its much easier to send me the name of the person and the chat log then I can contact them to help them out. Having the previous information and conversation lets me help you faster than having to go through the whole thing again. Be honest, how annoying is it when you call for support, get transfered and the next person asks you the same exact info all over again?

    Another scenerio would be if someone on the sim threatened or harrassed a staff member or customer. I need to see what happened in order to take the correct action. It lets me decide if they were provoked, or possibly missunderstood and whether I should try to solve the issue or just ban them.

    We don't collect information just so we can create drama and pass notecards around about people. Believe me we have better things to do. At least I know me and the owner do. Handling things like this and reading notecards and chat logs takes away from the time we would spend creating new products or helping other customers. So it is not something we do just to pass the time.

    I myself don't even have my viewer set to record chat logs or IMs. Just less crap that gets written to my hard drive.

  5. Disclaimers in your profile are not valid period. I order for you to share a conversation be it open chat or local chat ALL parties have to agree to it.

    And with your hypothetical question, both would be violating the TOS.

    You can however share conversation out of world. As long as it is not a linden lab website or a website that has rules against it you can share any info you want. Like say on face book, my space, messenger or on a blog. So if you want to share a convo with someone just take out of world.

    Also remember to take a grain of salt with any convo's someone shares with you. They can easily be manipulated or completely fabricated. Only LL can see the exact chat that took place.

  6. Need more info for sure. For one what kind of video card and are your drivers up to date. Often times driver issues will cause this. And do you have more than one viewer installed, or have you in the past. You might need to do more than clear your cache. Removing all traces of any viewers on your system, then re downloading the viewer and re installing a fresh version might fix it. Or possibly trying a different viewer. Your computer simply may not like that viewer for some reason.

    17 crashes in a row points to some sort of problem for sure, that is not normal by any means.

  7. me personally I would have called his bluff and told him to show me something only a linden can do. Lindens can take objects at will, kick you from any region and have your profile info. Among other things. I would have told him to put up or shut up. And then when I filed the abuse report I would have more to add to it lol.

    I think you did the right thing by IMing joshua, curious to see if he responds.

  8. Another thing to consider is how Windows manages memory, especially windows 7. Don't expect to see much free memory if any at all. Free memory is wasted memory and windows 7 does its best to use all the memory for something. And with the way memory and virtual memory works you should never run out of memory or crash from not having memory. Unless you have turned virtual memory off for some reason.

    I have actually disabled it on my system before with 4 gigs of ram and still not ran out memory though.

    I have ran sl on computers with 512 megs of ram and not crashed from lack of memory. Sl didn't run very well because these comptuers had slow processors and poor video compared to newer ones. But it didn't crash because of lack of memory.

    And in windows 7 the best way to monitor memeory is with the resource monitor. Give you way more info than the task manager and it has been completely overhauled in windows 7.

  9. I have four gigs of ram. I can run windows in ultra, have gimp open with 10 large textures open, multiple browser pages open, and Blender open all the same time. Never have I ran out of ram. Windows will manage ram and send it to where it needs to go. Tom's hardware did a test once on how much ram the average person needs. I think they tested with 3 gigs, 4 gigs, 6 and 12. There conclusion was that unless you were running a very ram intensive program (which sl is not) most could get away with 3 gigs easily, even for a gaming rig. Upping the ram beyond 4 gigs offered no performance improvement what so ever on any of the games they tested. Even while running multiple programs in the background.

    I know people on sl that have very high end computers, newest and badest video cards with multiple cards running SLI, raid configured hard drives, 12 gigs of ram, i7 intel processors and over 10 mbps of bandwidth. Yet they crash, some very often.

    My girlfriend runs on an amd 2.8 dual core with a 9800 GTS+ video card (512 of video ram), 3 gigs of ddr2 and a single 72000 rpm hard drive and we don't have a super fast connection either. She rarely crashes or has a ton of lag.

    I have an amd 3.0 quad core with 4 gigs of ram and a GTS 250 card (1 gig of vram), an ssd drive for my OS and  7200 rpm sata drive for everything else. I rarely crash, and when I do its becuase sl logs me out or my internet burbs. And that is with all those othe programs running as well.

  10. No, sometimes is 60 year old guys lol. Age doesn't seem to matter. A perve is a perve. The problem is a lot forget that there are real people on the other end of the keyboard. And the fact that there is no risk to behaving like an ass. You don't get slapped in the face like in real life lol. Mute works fairly well though. And like has been said, these are mostly people that would NEVER do that in real life, they simply don't have the balls to do it.

    If someone were doing that on our sim and you contacted me or one of the managers we would probably have a chat with them about how to act, and if they didn't get the hint we would ban them. But then we run racing sim not a beach, although we do have a nice little beach on our homestead.

    And I would bet you a linden the female avi's that are IMing you out of the blue asking if you are bi or lesbian or most likely guys playing as girls. The majority of actual gay women I know simply don't act that way.

    IMing someone just to ask for sex or if to see what their sexual orientation is is a pretty lame opening line in my opinion lol. Not very creative. I would as them how often that line works for them. Other than with escorts. I always thought flirting was half the fun.

    And even if you said yes, my guess would be the next question would be "where can I get a **bleep**" lol. Or they would have one of those nasty freebie ones.

    Oh and another sure way to get them to leave you alone is tell them yes, but it will cost them 5K an hour lol. Normally sends them running. And if they don't, hey its an easy 5K lmao. Jump on a pose ball and go get a sandwhich while they perve out.

  11. I would say it depends on where you go and the age of the avatar. Newbi's tend to be sex hounds, and nude beaches and strip clubls draw them in like rotting meat draws flies. Most avis that are older know better, because know half the female avis are really guys anyway lol.

    I say look for new places to hang out, but you will alway get the occosianal ass.

  12. basically if you are under 18 you are ristricted to G sims. If you are over 18 and age verified you can go anywhere in sl. The maturity ratings are for adults that may only want to view certain subject matter. Not all adults want to view adult subject matter even though they are old enough. Or say you are in sl and have children around you, or maybe you are playing in a public place where that kind of stuff wouldn't be appropriate to look at because of those around you.

  13. I don't know about something detecting collisions via a script, but it will effect collisions in the debug menu. If you have estate tools where are at just watch the collisions for an avi that is moving, be it walking or pacing around with an AO. The collisions will be higher for that avatar vrs one standing still or sitting. Either collisions for the avatar or the prim they are standing on will go up and down if you keep refreshing the screen.

  14. The two biggest things that cause lag are multiple large textures, like say a mall where all the little displays use a 1024 texture instead of using a 256 size when they could have gotten away with it.

    The next would be collisions. The reason you get so laggy when you are around a bunch of avatars is because of the goofy AO's they have where they pace around or what ever, or they are dancing or walking around. This causes collisions which puts a load on the server. The  more avatars, the more collisions, the more lag. As far as the avatar itself that can be controled on your client side. You can adjust how much detail other avis will have and how many it will render.

    Scripts are touchy because it depends on how they are written. You can't say lots of scripts will cause lag. You could have 1,000 well written low lag scripts and not effect much at all. One or two bad ones will drag a sim down.

    There is a great video for one of the phoenix hours that goes into great detail about lag, but I lost the link. Maybe someone can provided it.

  15. I heard they were going to raise it to 256 prims for a physical linked set. So maybe its on the beta grid already. I have not tested it yet.


    But the the actual prim limit for a physical object is 32 prims I think not 30. So if you are just over 30 it would still work. The only thing you have to keep in mind with 32 prim vehicles is the passenger counts as a prim, so if you want a passenger you have to make sure you leave a spare prim for that.


  16. 1.23 and snowglobe viewers will continue to log in for a while, but over the next month or so they will slowly lose funtionality and and become buggy as the code is compltetely switched over to V2 based viewers. I suggest you find a v2 viewer you can live with and learn to use it. Major choices would be LL viewer, Kirstens and Firestorm. I will be using firestorm, but I will use pheonix until it fails to work for me.

  17. never been robbed or mugged, however I have had stuff stolen from me, been threatened and various other things. SL is abound with cyber bullies and theives. As in coby botters, and people that will threaten to do real life things to you if you don't comply with them. Like hacking your account or crashing your computer among other things. Most of them seem to hang out at freebie places and welcome areas from what I have seen.

    As far as being mugged I would think that is a roleplay thing, and I really don't do much roleplaying. Heck I rarely leave my sim anymore lol. I have a staff member that is always coming up to me and saying "give me lindens!" But its just a joke between us. She has way more lindens than I do lol.

  18. For building and sculpting I can't see where you need anything more than basic skills. I build and sculpt and the most I use is my desktop calculator because I suck at basic math. I have yet to need to use any formula or geometry to build in second life, although I do know them. Scripting might be a different story depending on what you are scripting. I don't really script so I couldn't say for sure. But most of the ones I know that script it seems prior knowledge of programming and coding helps. Although I guess sl scripting is not quite like regular programming. You have to sort of learn as you go from what I hear. I myself gave up on it, I just get friends to do it for me now that why I know it will be done right lol. That being said if you had prior coding or programming skills you would already have the required math skills to go with it. But for building and sculpting a basic calculator is all you need, if that even. I only use it to figure out how many vertices I might need when I divide stuff up or something.

  19. Ya its not just an SL thing it is internet wide. This happens in chat rooms and dating sites quite frequently. People lie about who they are and post pictures from when they were younger and better looking, or sometimes pictures of someone that isn't even them.

    Nothing on the internet shocks me anymore lol. For the most part no one is who they seem. For some reason even in chat rooms and forums people always want to be someone other than what they really are. Successful, good looking, special ops you name it.

  20. Sculpt studio and Jass2 would be my suggestions. Jass2 is just blender with all the scripts and plug ins for sl. you can get a free version of it. Sculpt Studio costs like 5000L and you use it in world.

    There is also prim oven, but its very limitig as to what you can do with it.

    Blender looks hard, but has TONS of documentaion and tutorials. Sculpt studio has a learning curve too but not a lot of documentation for it. They do have classes though.

    Both have there good sides and limitations. SS is great for modeling stuff in world, and has some awesome tools that come with it. Undo NOT being one of them, god it wish it had undo lol. And you can't bake textures with it.

    Blender you can do a LOT with once you learn it, but its diffecult to model around stuff that is inworld or know exactly how it will look until you bring it inworld. But you can texture with it. You can even import things you make with SS into blender and texture them.

    I use both daily.

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