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  1. If you look at the link posted earlier for toms hardware the list at the end of the article also lists mobile graphics, so that should give you an idea of where they fall in regards to others. Intel graphics I would I stay far away from for sl or gaming.

    Me personally, not a big fan of laptops for all the reasons you are mentioning. I mean they are great if you NEED one. But other wise a desktop will always run better, cost less and be easier to upgrade.

    And as far as the heat issues, what really messes them up is heating up, cooling down and then heating up again. The amount of times a device cycles on and off actually has an impact on its overal life.

  2. I talk about SL frequently with people I know and meet. Even if I don't know them that well. But I never say if they should try or not. If the express an interest then I might say check it out and tell them how to go about it. Most just look at me like I am a nut though lol. I don't get out much, so most of the people I meet in real life have better things to do with their lives I think.

  3. Well for starters you are using vista with 1 gig of ram, so more ram wouldn't hurt. Second you are not going to get a lot performance out of sl with that video chip, and also consider its probably sharing memory with your ram so the 1 gig of ram you do have is also getting used for your video. And third you are on vista, upgrading to windows would most likely improve your frame rates in itself. Every test I have done with different operating systems windows 7 has always had better fps, normally double.

    You can try scaling back the visual effects in vista. Shut aero off and anything else you don't need. And then you will have to scale back your graphics settings in second life. Also where you are at and how many avi's are around will greatly effect FPS. If you are on the ground on a busy sim it will be pretty low. If you are up in the air with no one around the fps will go up.

    And FPS isn't a sole indicator to sl performance. It only shows how well, or how bad your computer is rendering the graphics. There are other things that effect it as well. Like internet connection, packet loss and ping. You can have a high frame rate and still lag.

  4. No you do not, not without the express permission of said person. It doesn't matter if you saved the logs or not. If it upsets you that much file an AR about it. All you really need is the region you were in and the time. LInden Labs can look up the logs and trasnaction history. It would be up to them to decide how serious the offense was and what action they take. And they most likely will not inform you as to what they do about it. So the best you can do is file a report and leave it in their hands.

  5. I would highly suggest a good laptop cooler though. One that sits under it with built in fans to help pull away the heat. But unless you are sitting on something soft like a bed or a pillow or something I doubt its over heating. Laptops just run hot and you have to careful not to block the air flow. No different than sticking your desktop in a cabnet with no air flow.

  6. should run it just fine. GT540 is about on par with a Geforce 8800gs or a GT240. It might not run SL in ultra with shadows on and stuff, but with some graphics tweaking it should run SL fine. You might consider turning the aero theme off in windows and scaling back some other stuff as well. This might help free up some of your gpu for SL.

    Assuming since it has the GT540 its a laptop. My opinion is laptops will never run as well a desktop with the same specs so if you are getting a laptop get the best you can afford at the time because it will quickly become out of date with no real options to upgrade.

    But that system is probably on par or better than what some of the people working at lindens labs use so it should work. Just don't try to use Kristens viewer and max it out the graphics lol.

  7. unbuntu comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions, they actually suggest using the 32 version because it is more stable. I used the 64 bit version and it worked fine for sl. But for me there was no installing it. You just download it and unpack the files. it runs right from the folder it came in. You just click the sl icon and it starts. Not the actual icon though, that is just an image. The folder has a readme file that tells which one you need.

    Obviously if it starts though you are clicking the right one, it just crashes after it starts for some reason. Like I said it worked fine for me, and this was just a few days ago. Has to be something with a driver or something its not seeing it wants to. I would make sure you have all the drivers you need for your mother board and hardware and make sure the OS is up to date. How you would do that on iinux I don't know though, only messed with it for a day and that was enough for me to see I didn't like how it worked. It was like going from the 1.23 viewer to the new v2 viewer. It worked, I just didn't like it and wasn't sure how it all worked. I know how windows works and didn't want to spend the time learning all the intricacies of linux. And since the performance wasn't any better I saw no point.

    Like someone else said, go the linux or unbuntu forums for support. From what I understand the OS offers great support.

  8. I don't know what to say, other than I just tried unbuntu this weekend and the standard sl viewer worked fine for me. I didn't like the way linux worked over all though I uninstalled it and went back to windows 7. Not to mention windows 7 was faster with sl. 80 fps with linux vrs 200 fps with windows 7.

    Possibly you need a different video card driver for linux? but good luck with that, I tried to install it on linux and couldn't figure out how lol. One of the reasons I ditched it.

  9. Laptops run hot, that is just how they are. Especially if you tax them hard. Best advice would be to get a laptop cooler to help out. Consider they are running what would normally be in a full sized desktop crammed into that tiny case. My desktop has 5 fans in it not inlcuding the fan built into the video card. And it still runs hot. I mean this thing works like a portable heater lol. The important thing would be to monitor what the actual temps are for you internals, like the cpu and GPU to see if they are running hotter than they should be. There are several monitoring programs you can get for free if you google it.

    Turning aero and other features off might, but I wouldn't count on it. It might help your performance a bit though.

    Here is a link for tweaking windows 7 to help you speed it up a bit if you want. There also others if you google it.


    And you are correct, upgrading your video card on a laptop is mostly not possible. That is the downside to laptops. Upgrading normally means getting a new laptop. Most of them you can add ram and stuff but the gpu is normally built in, not a seperate card. Check with manufacturer to make sure. Some do offer upgrade programs though.

  10. I would say at this point your bottle neck is your GPU, depending on how good of internet service you have, that will effect it as well. Your CPU is adequate as is your ram. SL should run pretty well on a dual core 2.8 with 3 gigs of ram, its the onboard graphics that is probably killing you.

    Keep in mind the better the video card you get the better the power supply you will need. I could tell you to run out and get the best video card you can afford, but you would first have to make sure it would fit in your computer and you have the power to run it. And I don't just mean having the right slot, but it physically fitting in your machine. Some of these cards are BIG.

    This is an article with the best cards for the money currently on the market.


    And the end is list of all the current cards available and how they rank with each other. Before spending a bunch of money on a card I would look over this list to make sure the one you are buying is really worth the money. In some cases you can get a card for a bit less money that will perform just as well.

    And pay closer attention to the GPU than the ram. Don't just assume a card with 1 gig of ram is better than one with 512 megs of ram. It is possible to get a card with 1 gig of ram and a not so great GPU and vice versa. SL is only going to see 512 megs of video ram anyway. I made that mistake before and was lucky they let me exchange it.

    My opinion though would be just about any current stand alone card would offer you better performance than the built in graphics you currently have. But with computers things go out of date pretty fast, so getting the best you can afford at the time isn't always a bad idea. But like I said you have to know if it will work with your particular system. And for SL don't worry about dual SLI cards and the likes, it simply isn't needed for normal sl usage.

    And if your current system still uses AGP I am not sure I would spend a lot of money trying to get a decent agp card being its an out of date technology. You would be better off saving up for a newer computer. If you have a pci e slot then you can always pull the card and put in a new comptuer when you upgrade. Providing they don't come out with something better by then lol.

    Personally I run a GTS250 by PNY with 1 gig of ram. The rest of my system is an AMD 9454 quad core at 3,0 with 4 gigs of ram on windows 7 64 bit. I have no trouble running in ultra with the SL viewer, phoenix and firestorm. It does slow down a bit with Kirstens if you turn everything on. But Kirstens is a pretty demanding viewer.

    My girlfriend runs a similar system to yours. AMD dual core at 2.8 gigs with 3 gigs of ram on windows 7 32 bit. But she has a PNY 9800 GTX+ which is basically the same card as my 250 but it has 512 megs of ram. And hers runs quite well too. Keep in mind for either of those cards you will need a 450 watt or larger power supply, PCIe slot and the room to install it. The card takes up to slots width wise and is fairly long.

    On another note, at least you are using windows 7. I just did some testing this week with operating systems and windows 7 blows them all out of the water. I tested with linux, XP, Vista and windows 7. With the standard current SL V2 viewer set to ultra and up on my platform linux, xp and vista all averaged around 80 to 90 fps. With the same setting on a stock install of windows 7 I get closer to 200 fps! Double the frame rate just by switching operating systems, go figure.

  11. Not only can the owner of a sim ban you from the region, they can ban you from specific parcels. Or if you own a parcel or even rent one in some cases you can ban people from your parcel.

    Further more someone that owns more than one region as in multiple sims can ban you from all of them in one stroke. When you ban someone you get the option of banning them from that region, or all regions owned by that person.

    And its not just the owner, anyone on the estate list can do this.

    And no they don't need a reason and its not against TOS. If you don't like furries you can ban them at will if you want, or tinies, or child avatars or anyone under a certain age or anyone you just don't like for whatever reason.

    Or you can make it a private region where only people on an access list can get in.

    Except someone that works for linden labs, they can go anywhere they want.

    Same with someone on the estate list. If you want to ban them you have to take them off from estate first or the ban won't stick.

  12. It does work however, I tested it on a viewer that you can disable it. I get higher frame rates with multi threading on than with it off. The down side I noticed is that it always pegs out one of my cores, even if I have sl minimized. With multi threading off and a high back ground yeild time my proccessor use goes almost to zero for all cores with sl minimized.

    As for the background yeild time I have mine set at 400 because I don't want sl eating up power when I have it minimized or in the background. I often run several other programs besides sl like blender, firefox and other texture software. I would rather have the power diverted to the program I am actively using so it renders faster.

    And as for running mulitple viewers, windows is going to naturally assign more processing power to the one in active use, its the way it is designed. You can adjust it though, I am just not  sure to what extent, never messed with it myself. I would think the best way to run more than one viewer at a time would be to run it on multiple monitors and even better yet with dual video cards on multiple monitors.

    also increasing the background yeild time will help with running multiple viewers. The only problem is the that the currently active window will get more resources and the one in the background will run choppy. To run them both at the same rate would take a pretty kick ass computer, and like I said I am not even sure windows will spread the power evenly between the two even if you wanted it to. At least running them both on the same monitor.

  13. Its not an option on the V2 viewers that I am aware of. I think its automatically on. I looked for it in the debug menu on both LL's v2 and firestorm and there is no option for it. But it does indeed run multi threaded when I check my cpu usage.

    And the option does work in sl, even on phoenix. It just doesn't spread them out evenly is all.

  14. There is nothing in phoenix that would cause this to happen, certainly not that would effect your bios for sure. If you suspect the phoenix program though my first question would be did you get it directly from their website or somewhere else? If you didn't get it directly from their website god only knows what you may have downloaded. But I doubt it had anything to do with the phoenix viewer.

    Thousands upon thousands of people use this viewer, if this were a possible side effect of the program surely we would have heard many complaints by now.

    For one thing the bios has nothing to do with the computer as you know it, or with your operating system. It is on a seperate chip on the motherboard. If it is taking an abnormally long amount of time for your computer to post, run its diagnostics and start windows then something is wrong with the hardware. Possibly memory problems, the bois chip itself failing or even the battery on your mother board being bad.

    Regardless of how your computer got screwed up, this is where I would start to fix it. If the comptuer will load the operating system start it up and back up any important information you have. Then restart the comptuer and go into the bios and set it to the default parameters. After that re install windows. Don't repair it, format the drive and re install it. Windows get messed up from time and microsoft actually suggests re installing it from time to time.

    This will rule out any virus, malicious software or glitched software or drivers. If you do this and it still doesn't work right, again you are looking at hardware problems. Bad hard drive, some bad memory or possibly something going bad on your motherboard itself.

    Good luck

  15. If SL is interfering with your real life you should quit, its that simple. Maybe find another hobby you can both do. Then again if you don't give a rats ass what your partner thinks and would rather stay in sl and risk that relationship maybe you should get out of that relationship. Or maybe she should rather. If your real life parnter wants attention and you would rather spend the time in a make believe world its not a shock your relationship is not that great.

  16. Can you create content in either of those and generate real life income from it? And I don't crash or have computer lock ups with sl either. And I suppose there are people that crash and lock up on those games. Its mostly a computer related problem, not an sl problem.

    I really don't think you can compare those games with SL, its a completely different thing in my opinion.

  17. The Pheonix viewer is probably what you will want. However before long the older viewers will cease to work well as LL roles out new server updates. There are already issues with giving friends edit rights and what not. On the bright side the same people offer a V2 viewer called Firestorm which you can make look "sort of" like the 1.23 viewers. But due to the limitaions of the V2 code there is only so much they can do. So you will have to take some time learning where some of the stuff hidden since the menues are changed around a bit. They also have a video on how to adjust and make changes to the Firestorm viewer and a walk through where what is.

    And once mesh becomes more popular you will have no choice but to switch to a viewer that lets you see it.

    Phoenix and Firestorm are one of the most popular viewers in sl and there is good support for it as well.

    As much as I hate to say it, the v2 viewers do work better as far as performance is concerned. And the LL V2 viewer offers the best performance of all of them at the moment. But saddly for many its interface is just horrid, I really don't know what they were thinking. These are just my opinions though. Many like the new viewer once they get used to it.

  18. I used to do some modeling when I was a female avi, I can tell you what I know of it and nothing more.

    For one if they want you to pay a fee to model for them tell them to f' off and look elsewhere.

    Most are going to want you to be a certain age and have good looking skin and shape, which will be an investment

    Some require a portfolio, others don't, depends on how good you look and how good they are. Good photographers don't care what you look like in other photos, they can invision what you would look like in theirs

    Most models get paid in clothes and items, not cash. So don't look to get rich.

    Best thing to do is go to stores and ask if they need models. Or look over the forums, sometimes they have threads asking for them.

  19. You can't carry in a bar, at least not in most states. Nor can you carry on any federal property, churches or any private property that prohibits them. I find it the opposite of what you find. Most places I would want to carry I gun I can't. That is why I never bothered to get my concealed permit, its useless. Most of the places I would want to be armed I can't be. So going through all the trouble is rather pointless.

    You might also find it amusing that carrying a concealed fire arm isn't a felony. As long as its a legal weapon. However you get caught with a butterfly knife, a switch blade or any double edged knife regardless of size and it is a felony. So you are better off carrying a gun than a dagger in your boot lol. When I lived in California during the Rodney King riots I carried a browning Hi Power every where I went. I most certainly didn't have  permit for it, but it was registered to me.

    I live in michigan now and I think we are one of the states where its legal to carry in the open. Which means I can have a gun as long as I don't hide it. However you never see anyone do this. Now you go out west and its another storry. You go to washington state and pretty much everyone is armed lol. Most states you need a good reason to get a carry permit. In washington they need a good reason not to give you one hehe. At least that is how it was years ago, maybe it has changed


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