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  1. That's the CEO of Linden Labs. I am suddenly not shocked or surprised by anything that happens anymore. He looks and sounds more like some bumb they pulled off the street to pretend to do an interview. From the sounds of it he more of a game developer than a CEO.

    Just not what I invision when I think of the head of a corporation. I sort of expect someone neat, well dressed, shaven, well spoken and hopefully someone with a business background in managing people. Doesn't have to be a three peice suit or anything. I mean Steve Jobbs nevers dressed up, but at least he looked good.

  2. Sorry it took so long to get the videos uploaded. you tube was giving me a heck of a time getting them uploaded. But here they are.


    This is the first video with the 9400GT


    And here is the one with the GTS 250



    Pay close attention to the end where it compares the 250 to the 460. I highly suggest for the money if you can afford it to just get the GTX 460, it will pound the 250 into the dirt performance wise and if you shop around you can probably get one for 150 or less after rebates. And when you decide to get a new computer just pull it out and put in the new computer. Providing they don't change the PCI e format by then lol. Poor old AGP didn't seem to last too long.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide. The videos are kind of long so it might take some time to watch them.

    I hope the help you out.

  3. Mr.. Jobbs was indeed a visionary and excellent at product marketing. Very head strong and did what he wanted regardless of what others thought.

    However from what I understand "Nice" would not be a word do describe him. From what I understand he was a tyrant to work for. I guess he often told people their ideas where stupid or dumb and would fire people on a whim.

    I will give him credit though, if indeed it was his decision, when he came back to work for apple as CEO his yearly salary was 1 dollar a year. That has to be the least paid CEO ever. But he had just sold Pixar to disney and was on the disney board of directors and I guess one of the majority stock holders. So he probably wasn't hurting for cash. I think he just wanted his own business back and to get it running like he thought it should be.

    He did do some amazing technological things in his life time though, just amazing things no one would have dreamed of.

    And like some others, I have never owned an apple product. No Imac, no ipod and no i phone here. I did learn how to use computers on my buddies Apple II though.

    I am sure he probably did lots of charity work and stuff I don't know about too. But I will remember him for being a marketing genius.

  4. I was getting ready to make a video comparting the 9400gt to a better video c ard just so you could see the difference. If you are not concerned with shadows I agree with the others, anything that falls in the realm of the GTS250, 9800GTX+ will be fine for sl in ultra. Problem is these cards are a bit outdated so finding one might be difficult. The good news is you can most likely get a better card for what we paid for those card. You will for sure need a better supply though, once you step into the realm of these cards they require their own power plug to run them, unlike the 9400gt. And they are big, so will you have to make sure you have room in your case for them. They take up two bays width wise and are fairly long. And they pump out some heat.

    I don't know much about pentium boards but you may also be able to upgrade your cpu. I know with amd you can. I went from a dual core 245 to a quad core on the same board. Might not be as easy with pentium though, you would have to do some research or ask a shop if its possible.

    The more I think about it, I am going to make a video comparing the two for you. Give me a few hours to configure the system, shoot the video edit them and upload them. I will let you know when its done. This way you can see first hand what the effects will be.

  5. The 9400gt will not run sl with shadows, its simply not enough card. I its like a 50 dollar entry level video card, if you can even get them anymore. I have one and have done several tests with it. I would consider it a minimum to play sl well, and that would be on mid graphics not ultra.

    I recently made some videos testing different computer configurations and cards, and the 9400gt was one of them. They are geared to setting up your viewer for racing, but should give you an idea of what effects what.

    This is our you tube channel, watch the videos named KK video series. The two that would interest you most would be the mid level and the gaming system. Keep in mind the set up I used for the gaming system won't even run shadows real well.


    Also take a look at this web page on Toms Hardware, it lists video cards in order of their performance. Take a look at where the 9400gt falls compared to other cards.


    If you plan on running SL with shadows you are going to need some serious power. Shadows really makes a hard hit on your computer.

    For just simply playing sl I would have said the computer you have should work fairly well as long as everything is in working order. Then you mentioned shadows and crowded places. That is whole different ball game. You are going to want something fairly modern and fast.

    At least a quad core processor running at 3.0 or better. I have an amd but will admit Intel's are better. So if you can swing an i7 go for it. This won't make a huge improvement in how sl runs, but it will let you run other stuff in the background and not effect sl as much

    Ram, honestly you don't need a ton of ram, 4 gigs would be plenty in my opinion for sl, but if you have the money and are going to build a bad ass system might as well go for 8 gigs of ddr3 running in dual channel mode. As in get two matched sticks that are 4 gigs a stick. This will let them run in dual mode and they can run twice as fast. That is the theory anyway.

    Get the fastest freakin sata hard drive you can find. Look at its RPM and and its read and write times. Another option is getting an SSD drive just for you operating system and a mechanical drive for everything else and your virtual ram. This is how I have my set up. SSD's read really fast, but their write times are not a whole lot better than a good mechanical drive. Unless things have changed in the last year.

    For the video card I would read some of the reviews on Toms Hardware and see what they suggest, they have articles every month listing the best graphics card for the money. Even though I feel ATI makes the better video card, I would stick with a Nvidia for sl. For some reason ATI's tend to have problems with SL, its kind of hit and miss. 

    What I can say is that I use an amd 945 quad core with a GTS250 and 4 gigs of ram on windows 7. And my system will barely run shadows. It will run fine with every thing else cranked all the way up, but shadows is a killer for my system. It will run, I just don't get very good frame rates, maybe 10 or so if there are people around me. So you are going to need something  a little better than the GTS250 or other similar cards.

    After market power supply is going to be a must, a minimum of 450 watts most likely more. And adequate cooling to go with it. I wouldn't try to stick all this in a little case either. Look for something that has good flow. I would also suggest an after market cpu cooler.

    I don't think you need a full out gaming rig with SLI video cards and RAiD hard drives or anything, but I think you might want to look at something a bit better than the run of the mill computer.

    Honestly if you have a fair amount of money, I would go to a small computer store that build PC's, tell them what you are looking for and let them build you a system that fits your needs. It might cost more than going to Best Buy, but you will get what you need and the support will be better for sure.

  6. Actually mesh can have multiple faces, it can be one object but with multiple faces.

    For sculpts though it works off a sculpt map and only has one face so when you make it you have to make it keeping in mind how it will be textured.

    It is possible to texture in world if its made correctly and is not all distorted. You just lay a mesh grid over it and use that as a reference for your texture in what ever texturing program you use. Other wise your only option is to bake the texture on the item in a 3-d modeling program like blender then save it as an image to put on the sculpt when its in world.

  7. We don't' use an auto greeter, I personally don't like them. But I do try to contact someone when they come on the sim, especially if they are in our shop. If they are within chat range I just talk to them in open chat. Like:  Hello, welcome to Kustom Klassics, is there anything I can help you with?". If I IM them I normally say " Hello, I am Vladi I work here at Kustom Klassics, is there anything I can help you with?".  If they say no, just looking I respond with "Ok, feel free to look around and if you have any questions feel free to contact me."

    I fail to see what is wrong with trying to help someone that comes to your sim? If they are looking for something specific normally I can show them where its at or let them know we don't have it and suggest a place to look.

    What drives me nuts is when someone just flat out ignores you. How hard is it to say "no thanks just looking". If I IM you or talk to you in open chat and get ignored a number of things enter my mind. You are here to grief us, steal something or you are bot of some type.

  8. yes you can, you can even link other sculpts to it and make it one object then texture it. The down side is the PE will go up. The more faces you have the higher the PE will be. So the object you made before that counted as one prim will now count higher, like 5 or something. That is guess though, you won't know until you upload it.

  9. I served for a few months on rape case in California. I was actually the jury foreman because no one else wanted to do it lol. Took us about 3 hours to reach a verdict of guilty. There wasn't a ton of physical evidence mostly witness testimony. What did the guy in was he took the stand several times himself and told a different story every time. Had he just kept his mouth shut he may have been better off. And if you are going to lie in court at least be consistent about it lol. I think they tacked on perjury as well.

    I think most of our three hours was having them read back testimony so we could make sure we really heard what we thought we heard.

  10. Unfortunately your roll out broke PRIM_PHYSICS switch for llSetPrimitiveParams and now many items in world won't work or don't work correctly. And the annoying thing is LL was notified of it and acknowledged it when it was on the LL server. Yet they went a head and put it on the other servers the next day knowing it was broke. And now we will have to wait weeks for it be corrected.

    In the meantime creators are scrambling to make a temporary fix the the products they currently sell, are fielding customer complaints on products that have already been purchased and losing sales in the process because their items don't work. We can't even hold races because our cars are broke. One person even claims to have had their account suspended because of the amount of AR's she received about her products not working.

    And before someone jumps all over me for complaining about it here we were actually told by Andrew Linden that if we wanted more attention for the issue we should complain about it in other places than the Jira. So I am doing this because it was suggested by a linden who actually wants to fix the problem.

  11. I belong to several forums even used to moderate a few. Most to do with a technical nature dealing with hunting, archery or vehicles. I can tell you without a doubt that equating someone's spelling and grammar to their knowledge on a subject is a big mistake. There are many many people in the world that are very smart and knowledgeable about a certain subject or subjects yet don't type well, spell well or have perfect grammar. Or possibly don't take the time to read over what they typed several times or bother to use spell check. To discount the information they give based on that criteria is simply ignorant.

    For example my doctor has such an accent I can barely understand him sometimes and his penmanship is horrid and his spelling and grammar isn't all that great all the time either. That being said he is an outstanding doctor and I am glad to have him. I don't know, maybe he has better things to worry about?


    By the way I took the time to check over my post for spelling and typos and wasted about 5 minutes I could have spent doing something else. Not to mention that spell check didn't find some errors or missing words or stuff that should not have been there. Damn, now I have to spell check this and read it over, more time wasted just to make someone happy.

  12. Also keep in mind FPS is not a total indicator of performance. All it shows is how your computer is handling the graphics its mostly client side. So obviouisly there must be more around you to render on your sim. I have had 200 fps and still had lag before.

    I would be concerned with what the sim fps and physics are. On a good sim they should be 44-45. If they are lower like around the 30's or lower then there is a problem somewhere. Also region tools are much more accurate at seeing problems than the statics viewer is. I have been on an empty sim before with no scripted objects and the statics bar showed 750 scripts running lol. The region tools showed 4, which was me.

    Also your viewer fps should vary as you look around you. Normally it doesn't stay the same, as you move your camera around it will change depending on what you are looking at.

    If you are a an estate manager you can open the region tools and go to the debug tab and check the top scripts and top collisions. It may give you an idea of what is lagging your sim down.

    I really don't know what else to tell you if you can't LL to help you.

  13. If you were off SL for a long time and the last time you logged in was with a 1.23 viewer there are several glitches that will happen do to the way the V2 and V3 viewers handle clothing and attachments. And the best thing to do is to log into an empty sim and wait for your inventory to load. Don't tp around until the whole thing loads. And you may have to re log a few times to force the whole thing to load.

    You may also have to make some graphics tweaks in order to get it to run the same.

    As for the layout, yep it sucks. I honestly don't know what they were thinking.

    Also when you installed the new viewer did you completely remove everything from the old viewer? You need to go to your Apps folder and remove everything associated with second life, then install the new viewer. This also applies to any third party viewers you may have had installed like emerald or something.

    And like others said, there are various other third party viewers that are still based on snowglobe. You can even get the original SL viewer I think.

    Technically though the V2 and 3 viewers should be less laggy since the server code is written for them. All of my tests have shown with the same graphics settings the LL V3 viewer has the best performance of any of the viewers. And the new firestorm works just fine for me. All they need to do is put the bitmap browser back in it and I will be happy. Oh and make it so you can upload meshes. Currently the only viewer that can upload mesh is the official LL V3 viewer.

  14. There are several reasons why a region might lag. Sometimes it has to do with the server code. Not all regions are using the same server code. And normally private regions run better than mainland from what I have seen. And some servers are better than others. I think the magnum server is thought to be one of the better ones. But it also is the first to get updates and get tinkered with so there is a downside to that.

    Other than that you have the amount of avis on the region, script time, and collisions. And if multiple regions are linked together another region can effect your region. So the problem many not actually be your region.

    If you really feel there is problem in your region contact LL and have someone come take a look at it.

  15. Correcting spelling is generally considered bad form in most forums. And if you constantly do it you will not be very popular. Not everyone is great at typing or spelling or grammar. In the internet you get people from all walks of life. And for some English may not even be their first language.

    I might poke fun of someone's spelling or grammar if their post is of mean nature or they are correcting someone else and they themselves have made mistakes. I feel it is only fair lol. But normally if I get the gist of what they are trying to say I don't bother.

    Sometimes I will suggest to someone to break up their posts a bit so its easier read though. Very long posts without breaks are hard to read sometimes.

  16. mesh is a type of prim, like a sculpty. And yes they can be stretched, but when you stretch them the PE may go up. There are also different kinds of meshes. One being Rigged mesh which has a skeleton inside it and can be moved at the joints. LIke say you make a prim arm or armor you could make it bend at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. I think this is what you were expecting from your skirt, but I am not you do it with a skirt. I don't know enough about clothing and rigged mesh to be honest.

    I think you were expecting it to follow your body like a clothing layer would. I really dont know why you would make a mesh skirt to be honest unless it has lots of other parts to it or something.


  17. Being that its a 2 gig single core processor with 2 gigs of ram and a video card with a max of 512 memory (shared with the 2 gigs that is installed) and has a clock and shader speed of around 350 mhz and running windows 7 I wouldn't expect stellar results. It might run sl, but you will really have to turn down the graphics settings.

    My advice would be no, its simply too out of date. This would be like taking a 10 year old Emachines and installing windows 7 on it. It would probably work well for a computer to do documents on and surf the internet, but I doubt it will do gaming very well.

    To get a laptop that will work "well" with SL you are going to have get a fairly high end one.

    To give you an idea a current average GPU will run more in the range of 600 mhz clock speed and around 1800 mhz for shaders.

  18. I deal in customer support and tech support so I am often adding people to my list so I can get their edit rights or to contact them later. When my list gets over 100 or so I weed it back to about 50.

    Also sending numerous mass tps or group conferances will get you removed as well.

  19. How well do you know these people? I have been in sl a while and met people from all over the grid and all walks of life, and talked to those who have played and left or had no interest in playing at all. Almost everyone I know that seemed "normal" ( how do you define normal really though) after I got to know them I eventually discovered they had some sort of social or emotional problem. And I don't mean guessing, I mean they eventually admit it. Especially those that spend lots of time in sl. I am not saying that every person in sl is screwed up or that there is even anything wrong with that. Just basing an opinion on a sample of all the people I have met in sl.

    Lets face it, most people with a normal social life and that well adjusted simply don't have time for something like SL nor do they have in them what it takes to get truly addicted to it. They either log in infrequently, for short amounts of time or join and then leave. They simply are more interested in living thier real life as opposed to a virtual one.

    But in the end this is simply my opinion or theory. It in no way slanders sl in my opinion since I am in fact one of these people, why would I slander myself lol. And no I am not getting paid to say. Who waste the money to pay someone to slander sl? Hardly anyone I meet in real life even knows what it is.

  20. I don't know what the target was, but I can tell you the current demographic. Its mostly out of work/disabled people with some sort of emotional or mental instability. Myself included. I am sure there are some normal people that casually log into second life. But the hardcore members that sepnd lots of time in game all have some sort of issue. I have not met anyone yet that didn't sooner or later end up admiting to some sort of social or emotional problem. Not saying it to be mean, just saying that is what I see. And like I said I am inlcuded in that. I suffer from anxiety and depression issues so I use sl to hide from the real world.

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