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  1. well if its broke it might be your only option. Wait till you have to re upload 20 or 30 images because the asset server ate them lol.

    Actually you migh wantt to have someone else look at it to make sure its not just on your end. If they see it fine it might be something to do with your viewer. You may need to manually clear your cache or re isntall your viewer.

  2. Making 50K in sl is going to be rough unless you have a product people really want and can market it well. I know escorts that use voice that can make that kind of money fairly quick, but you don't want to do that I guess. And dancing on a pole will take you forever to make that kind of money in my opinion. You could try photography, but you will need a client base and need to be a fairly good artist to compete with the multitudes of other photographers in sl.

    And if you create an item its going to have to be something worth a fair amount of money to begin with in order to make any real money off from it. And like I said it will have to be something original that people want and you will need to find a way to market it so people know its out there.

    I think it would be much easier to make that kind of money in real life. From the way it sounds you are getting a job soon, best to just wait until you get the job and save up the money. It will take you longer than that to make the money in sl.

    You could sell the skateboard and other stuff you have if you really need to pay the debt. I guess if you live in a college dorm you don't pay for internet? Becuase of you owe someone 200 dollars and are paying for internet to play sl, have a cell phone and other stuff that really isn't helping your situation.

    If you are a cute female in real life you could wash cars in a white t shirt and skimpy shorts. I am sure you will get some good tips lol. Or you could do phone sex or be a web cam model. But I am sure these are all options you are not willing to do lol. And by the way stripping in real life will pay waaay better than stripping in sl. You could probably make the 200 in one night. But it might be all in singles lmao.

  3. Lord I don't think I know anyone with less than 10,000 items unless they are newbi lol. I know people that have over 100,000 items though. I have around 30K at the moment. And I bet the majority of it is parts, textures and maps for the things I make. I rarely empty my trash or lost and found though. Something I should probably do. But I just know the minute I do I will throw away something I need. Oh my god, I am an SL horder lol.

  4. I spent the first year or so in sl as a female, and mostly used freebie skins, made my own shape and was thrifty with clothes. Then I decided to upgrade and bought a a skin package from Pulse and a shape package from alady that came with I think 600 shapes, all the shapes in the store. It was only 750L how could I pass it up lol. I would say have about 5K in female stuff including outfits, maybe more. When I switched to a male I wasn't quite so frugal, I think I spent around 6 or 7K in one shopping spree getting my skin, shape, hair, eyes and AO. Not sure how much I have spent on clothes, and I am not sure I really want to know lol. I do have a lot of avis though, like dragons, a cute little chipmonk, a couple knight outfits, a fully rigged Navatar avi and a butterfy. Stuff like that.

    I am not even going to guess at what I have spent on toys and the what not. I have several swords, vehicles and just plain goofy stuff. I think at the most I have probably put maybe 50 US real dollars into sl, and I don't take money out. And most of that was to buy tools to help me build like sculpt studio.

    I tend to spend most of my money on other people. I spoil my SL girlfriend rotten and think nothing of spending thousands of lindens on her. Even though she doesn't ask me too. I buy other people toys and stuff too. If I see something I think someone will like I just send it to them via the market place. I like to keep a balance of at least around 5KL once I get to around 10K I go on a shopping spree. I really don't buy much for myself anymore. I have about everything I could ever want. And I work for one of the top SL vehicle makers so I don't have to pay for cars. And I pretty much wear the same outfit all the time so I don't buy many clothes for myself anymore.

  5. I don't know much about mesh, but after looking at those that is nuts. The pim counts are a tad high. That column could be done with a one prim sculpt and that door could be done with 4 or 5, less if it didn't have to open. If this is the way they are going  run mesh I don't see it getting too far. Doesn't offer much of an advantage from the looks of it. And will most likely  cost you more to upload.

  6. I represent myself as the CEO of Kusom Klassics where we sell cars, make custom cars and run a race track. We have employees dedicated to specific jobs, like sales and rental management. I handle most of the customer service and tech issues. I like to think we offer fantastic customer support. Its one of my pet peaves. If I can't help the person I will get the owner involved. But we prefere they go through me or the person in charge of that department so the owner can work to keep the sim running.

    I also help build the cars, do custom paint and handle all the staff issues. But I will drop what I am doing to help a customer.

  7. first of all what is the illness? If its depression or social anxiety or something along those lines I would actually suggest not using second life. Its addictive and enabling to those sorts of problems. I suffer from both depression and anxiety and I can tell you joinging second life was not the best decision I made. But now I can't quit lol.

    But that being said its my theory that second life is mostly made up of people with problems. It seems everyone I meet has some sort of issue, but shock huh. Most normal well adjusted people are out doing other more productive things that sitting infront of a computer playing a pretend life.

    However there are lots of support groups in sl, just search for them and you should find some. I would say one of the better things sl has done is it raises a ton of money for breast cancer. My girlfriend belongs to the breast cancer society in sl. We had a function one day where we held a race and all the proceeds went to breast cancer. And there were other teams doing the same thing, just other activities on the same day. And there was a website where you could track the amounts of each team. Our sim alone raised just under 1,000 dollars. Not lindens real US dollars. All the teams together raised close to 30K!!! again not lindens 30,000 us dollars. That is just fantastic and I would have never imgagined figures that high.

  8. ya, its sort of hit and miss sometimes., I have seen people get banned for some fairly stupid stuff, and some really mean vindictive people that are still allowed to play.

    However one of our employees posted a chat log in a notice once, and it was a convo with someone talking about copy botting and how they were out to "destroy" certain people. Our employee got banned, we had to fight to make it a suspension. The other guy did get banned, but just came back as alt anyway.

  9. Ok I have never heard a linden say that before and we talk to them a lot about incidents that happen on our sim. Doesn't it even suggest  giving a chat log on the AR form? I know it says to give as much info as possible. But if you give them the time, the names and the region they can look at the logs for themselves anyway.

    I will tell you what will get you in hot water though. Posting chat or IMs in a group IM or notice. If you are tired of sl and want to get banned try it lol.

  10. Owning a chat recording device in its self will not get you banned, they are legal. You just have to post signs or let the other parties know you are collecting the data. Same with recording a phone call in real life, you have to tell the other party know you are recording it for it to be legal.

    Now if you are using it as a chat spy device and not telling poeple then yes that is a voilation of the TOS and you can get banned for it.

    Also sharing chat with others without the consent of all parties involved is against TOS, even local chat which is public (never understood that one myself).

    However this only applies in world and on websites owned by LL. You can post chat logs to any other website you want as long as it doesn't violate that websites rules. If you owned your own blog you could post up all the chat logs you wanted and there really isn't anything anyone can do to you. Heck they even offer the option to save chat logs in the LL viewer.

    As for someone threatening to ban you. They can ban you from their land for any reason at all, not a thing you can do about it, they own that land. Now as far as getting you banned from sl, that is totally up to LL to decide. They can file a report and that is it. In the end its up to LL to act on it. And believe me, sometimes it is pretty hard to get someone banned from sl. Its not going to happen with one or two complaints. Pretty much everyone on sl has a few AR reports on thier file, you just don't know about it lol. It is up to LL to investigate them and act on them.


  11. LL use to do this for a fee, not sure if they do it anymore though. But it used to be if you created a new avatar you could contact them and have your inventory transfered.

    I guess the good question would be why? What is your reasoning for creating a new account in the first place. If its because you caused too much drama with the original one or you think you are about to get banned then I honestly don't feel sorry for you.

    Maybe I guess if you were changing genders or something. But I did that and just kept the same name and changed genders. But I had a name that would work with either gender. I personally wouldn't want to do that because my avi has built up a reputation and a customer base. Starting with a new avi would probably do me more harm than good.

    There is also another way to look at it. While many don't want to admit it this is a game, for the most part anyway. When you start a game over you start from scratch, that is just how it works. The difference being most games are not associated with real money. Being able to buy lindens and sell them for real money sort adds a complication to that I guess.

    My advice would be to contact LL and ask them if they still do this. I am guessing you would probably have to have a pretty decent reason though.

    I can think of some good reasons to not be able to transfer your inventory at will though. The biggest would be thieves and griefers. They run around and cause all kinds of problems, then get to start fresh again with all the tools they had before. Its bad enough that you can ban someone and they can just create an alt and come back and mess with you again. Now they would be able to do it and still keep all their inventory too. What a bonous for them and a headache for me lol. I sure wish there was a way to ban alts of those you banned already. Oh wait there was.

  12. sounds to me like the textures are not loading for some reason. I wouldn't think it would be a cache isuue being its a new install, but you could try clearing it just to see. Is it possible the megaprim has a temp texture on it? Rezzing a texture on a mega vrs a regular prim I wouldn't think would be much different. I mean its probably a bigger texture, but it wouldn't be bigger than 1024. She may even have to re install the viewer. Or maybe try the official viewer and see what happens. I use phoenix and don't have that exact problem, but sometimes certain textures won't load for me and I have to re log or tp out and back to force them to load.

    It is also possible LL dumped the texture from the asset server. however if you can see them and she can't I doulbt that is the issue. I myself have never had problem with textures on mega rpims so its hard to say.

    Heck it might be something as simple as a graphics adjustment like draw distance or something.


  13. its actually a video game, Sonic the hedge hog. But either why that is a good point. The person that owns that trademark could throw a fit.

    I mean seriously, its a themed sim eventually you are going to have people looking the same. If it was a disney themed sim you don't think you would end up with more than one mickey mouse or donald duck?

    Tell this guy to never go to a Navatar sim, pretty much everyone looks the same lol.

  14. Tell her to leave you alone, mute her and if she still bothers you AR her. You shouldn't have to create an alt just so someone leaves you alone.

    If she is hunting you down after you mute her and remove her from your friends list she might be using some means that breaks the TOS to find you. If it keeps happening AR her and make it clear to LL she is stalking you.

  15. You said you didn't install on top of any other viewer because this is your first phoenix viewer. What about other viewers? if it is sharing a folder with another viewer this is often one of the symptoms. If you had another viewer on your computer you need to remove all of it. You have to remove all the folders from your Apps folder both in local and roaming. If you run two different viewers you have to make sure they don't share folders. Or if you uninstall one viewer and install another. LIke you switched from the original viewer to a thrid party viewer. It is important that all traces of the first viewer are removed before installing the new one.

    I didn't say it was your systems "fault", I said it might be something with your system that it doesn't like. Just because other programs run fine doesn't mean sl will. Its a different program. I myself don't know how to program or code, but I have talked to other programmers that have looked at the SL viewers code and they said it looks it was written by a 3 grader lol.

    What I mean is there might be some other program conflicting with the viewer, or a certain driver it doesn't like and its causing it to suddenly close down. If it where connection issues it would not just shut down to the desk top like that. It would hang and log you out but the program would still be running. Something is ending the program suddenly.

    Its the only way to explain  how thousands can use it with no troubles and a handful have crashing issues. Either the program didn't install properly or something on your end is conflicting with it. Most likely software based not hardware so it doesn't matter how great your system is. Some service or program could be turning on in the background while you are playing sl and it causes it to suddenly crash.

    If all else fails use the original linden viewer and see what happens.

  16. 1102 is perfectly stable, its not the viewer. I have been using it since it came out. Has to be something with your computer it doesn't like. I wouldn't suggest 908, there were some known issues with that version.  Why not switch to the new firestorm that got released? You are going to have to switch to a v2 based viewer sooner or later anyway.

    Just out of curiousity have you talked to anyone in the phoenix team about this issue yet? Its very possible you have something conflicting with the program, or you have another viewer installed, or remnants of an older viewer still hanging around causing issues.

    It is also possible the viewer you downloaded may have got corrupted during down load or something. You could try completely removing all traces of any sl viewer on your computer, re download phoenix and start fresh and see what happens.

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