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  1. Perrie: "You can PM pictures in this Forum" I know I can but I won't.:matte-motes-big-grin-evil:
  2. At least that is not me in the picture. It is from the store's on-line catalog. The one I was wearing today is somewhat more sheer. Not that I would take a picture of myself wearing it, but if I posted it hear it would be censored immediately. The nightie I am now wearing is somewhat like http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/only-hearts-whisper-sweet-nothings-chemise/3533308?origin=category, but with a very sheer bust. Now that will really distract Perrie :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  3. I agree, Marybeth. I have taken some regular college courses online (most of my courses were traditional, on campus). We used programs such as Blackboard and others. I have also taken many professional continuing ed. short courses. Some (the longer ones) used blackboard, others (particularly short ones) used gotomeeting and Cisco's webex products. These all have features specially designed for classes, training, and meetings. These programs do not require that a viewer be loaded on the student's computer. Some allow the use of mobile devices and can be accessed through tablet and other smal
  4. Drake: "Ladies, ladies, ladies... can we get a few pictures?" Drake, what I am wearing right now (bra and panty) look almost like: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/stella-mccartney-selma-dancing-soft-cup-bra/3424755?origin=category&BaseUrl=Bras Not exactly, but almost.
  5. Sephina Frostbite said "I dont want to wear a bra in sl." I wear bras in SL. I can't explain why, I just do. I even wear very nice looking bras in RL even though no one but me will see them. In RL on some hot, muggy summer days when around the house or garden I wonder why I am wearing a bra, but when I don't wear one I can feel the lack of support. Of course, in SL it does not get hot and muggy and I don't sweat, so I like to wear nice looking bras. In SL, women avatars undressing for male avatars for some "intimate activity" may want to wear bras, even if eventually they come off.
  6. I have seen Marybeth's clothing as well as other clothing on Second Life. It does show quality, comparable to anything else I have seen. And I am not talking about styles or fashion, but quality in looking like real life clothing. Too much of what is found for sale in SL, after you buy and unpack it, may look nice but does not look real. In particular, Marybeth's bras look more like RL bras than the ones you can buy on SL, and, as far as I know, hers are not for sale. Susan (edited to correct absolutely stupid typo!)
  7. I agree, Trinity. I use some shadow and shading to give some depth also. It adds to the realism. I know that Marybeth just uses color, and that many of the clothes on Second Life do not have hems, but I like to add them with depth.
  8. Leia, Is that picture from SL? It looks so real. I really like the skirt. I am not familiar with what can be done in mesh now. The skirt wrinkles would not, of course, be there when the woman wearing the skirt is standing. Do they changes based on position? Susan
  9. Marybeth, Thanks for the information. Since I don't enjoy making lace but sometimes like making clothes, I will try the PSD templates from Stella.
  10. I am trying to make in SL a RL dress I just bought. The dress comes in two layers. The outer layer is semi-transparent; the inner layer is opaque. For the top I created a top in GIMP set to about 50% opacity and used an existing camisole, opaque and the same color. That works OK, I put on a bra, "add" the camisole (it is on the undershirt layer), and then wear the top (on the shirt layer). You can barely see the straps from the bra and camisole (like my RL dress). However, the skirt is a different story. I created two skirts, same color but one with 50% opacity, the other opaque. I w
  11. My avatar is as much like the RL me as I could make her wihtout going to too much trouble. My hair is similar to my real hair, and so are my clothes. I have made a few "enhancements" to my avi. I have reduced weight a little in SL, I am still trying in RL. But there is no big difference. Also, in SL my avi's breast is the size I would like it to be in RL - just a little bigger. I also have a little less gravety on them. But there is no major difference. I also act the same and do the same things in SL as in RL. If I am talking to someone in SL I am speaking for the real me.
  12. Parrie, Thanks for the information. --- Vlaidi, "What I find odd is that in the 3 and a half years I have been in sl I have never seen anyone actually use this feature." You would have no way of knowing that anyone was using it unless you turned on the feature to display other avi's targets. I didn't know. --- Marybeth, I feel the same way as you, in RL and SL. What I wear, in both RL and SL, depends upon the circumstances. However, you are braver that I. I have traveled to Germany, but never had the nerve to venture onto a topless or nude beach. In both RL and SL, if a male wants to loo
  13. Nova, I turned on the show lookat, I see the cross hairs and names of avatars looking at people. I assume that would show anyone else looking at me, so, when in a dressing room or private place I would see that someone is "peeping". Correct? Does the privacy/lookat prevent other people from knowing that I am looking at them? If a "peeping tom" had that turned off, could he look at me without my knowing? Thanks
  14. I understand that if I set my draw distance too low, I won't be able to see others. But can I prevent others from seeing me when I think that I am in a private place and want some privacy - like in a dressing room?
  15. I have just gotten back on SL after an absense. I now have a new computer and I am using the latest version of Firefox. There are new features, I don't know what is because I am using Firefox and what is really new. One thing that is new (too me) is the zoom in feature on the People window. With "nearby" avatars shown, right click on a person in the list and one of the option is to "zome in". That let's you see people who are nearby enough to show up on the "nearby" list, but are out of sight. I know this will let you see people who think they are in a private pla
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