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  1. lol good point. I'll give you a poke in game robo lady
  2. interesting.. but since you're a robot and all, do you like to script too? just wondering
  3. Well the object was actually called chat spy or something along those lines, don't quite remember. I guess the person using it wasn't totally pro, or just didn't expect it to be found seeing as it was an invisible object.
  4. Thanks everyone, I think that clears up things pretty much! Seems like there's some pretty strict rules about it after all ^^ Will try looking into the different parcel settings as well and see if there's anything that should be changed.. probably is.
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if it would be considered harassment or so to for instance place a listening device at a persons home? I've found one at my place a few times, but not really sure what to do about it other than removing it. I know if it's blatant stalking it's reportable, but what about someone just spying on you discreetly with listening devices, online trackers and other possible gadgets there might be? I'm not sure if it could be called harassment exactly, but it can be fairly invasive no less :o
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