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  1. Under "Group" you set the land to your group. Your alts will be able to rez as long as they're wearing the group tag. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/About_Land\ Sometimes I forget to change my tags and wonder why I'm not able to rez.
  2. Leora, I remember how you were nostalgic for the distant sea view from your Winchester balcony in your early catch and release days. Yesterday, I landed a house during the Siros release. I longed to get a house in River Run right on the river. My corner location is across the street from River Run. There were so many people hanging out there after the release that I thought it was part of Siros. I was feeling slightly disappointed about not being on the river bank. When I came to my senses today, I realized I have a lovely view from my Winchester balcony and second storey of the Continental (my favorite house). My house backs up to a rocky hillside with a hidden pond on top. I think I'm finally home.
  3. Apparently I'm pretty short (only 1.7 meters), so that might explain why 4 meters seems deep to me. Thanks for your analysis. 😊
  4. I haven’t measured the depth, but I did notice the first release houseboats were on shallower parcels. (At least the ones I checked out.) That disappointed me. It doesn’t seem uniform, though. It’s deep at Porthole, Beluga Sound and Limevale. I’m glad it’s deep where you are, @Sylvia Tamalyn.
  5. Like the evolution of the landscaping, I think the Moles have been making the water deeper for houseboats. The water is well over my head at Walrus Beach. I’m able to use my diving board without breaking my neck.
  6. Rhyme, I've been looking forward to your happy news. Congratulations!
  7. I hadn’t managed to snag a houseboat in any release (just not fast enough). I was truly astonished when Bellisseria came up with a choice of a traditional and a houseboat before my auto-refresh chime sounded during the Walrus Beach release. I felt like I was moving in slow motion to click on the houseboat, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Then there was the usual fumbling on checking the TOS box. I was either the first or last person to get a houseboat in that release. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this process, however I love the tutorial that @RaeLeeH has provided. Thanks, too, for the many helpful hints given by other members of the community. You kept my hope alive. 🌟❤️🌟
  8. So wonderful to see your good fortune today! Congratulations, Cassie!
  9. Cassie, I feel your pain, because I've been there since May 15. Yesterday's release was kind of confusing. @Patch Linden and @Derrick Linden were teasing the folks in the Belli Citizens chat about when they would be releasing new regions. My bet was on Gangway, and I thought that would be my best chance for a houseboat. I hadn't really considered Walrus Beach because there were only a few houseboats there. As it turned out, the stars aligned and I saw a Belli house and houseboat pop up. I clicked on the houseboat--and for once--I got it! I wondered why I had no neighbors on my side of the sound. I was the only houseboat on my side that is in the Walrus Beach region. The houseboat next to mine is in Beluga Sound. Across the way from me there are only a handful of houseboats in Walrus Beach. The rest are in Porthole. I'm crossing my fingers that your dream houseboat will be available to you soon!
  10. There have been a few houseboats in recent releases. I’ve got my fingers crossed that more will be available this week if the Porthole and Gangway regions are released. They look like they’re almost ready to go.
  11. I like seeing your predictions, however, Limevale doesn't seem like it's ready to go. The river runs through the region. The west side is undeveloped. Maybe a few more houses could fit over there.
  12. Only recently have I been able to do any catching and releasing. I think the supply is beginning to catch up with the demand, as far as the traditional houses are concerned. (Thank you, Moles!) The houseboats have eluded me, however. For me, the perfect location would be on the water in a lush green environment. I invested in a premium account for my alt, in order to cast my line for the mythic houseboat. My main avi has hung onto a corner lot in Emerson Lake, which I lucked into, after someone abandoned it on May 15. So far I haven’t come across a new location that has tempted me to give up that house. Pearlcoast pretty much fit my criteria. Of course, the moment I needed to attend to RL duties is when that region was released. Oh, well. The search continues.
  13. Jaulistine, your place is adorable! I love the bright colors. It looks so cozy.
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