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  1. I made an alt premium yesterday, so I could keep hopping. Now her first abandon is stuck on her land page. I put in a ticket and talked to live chat. Maybe it’s the universe telling me, “be grateful for what you have! “
  2. Thanks, Nika! Fireflies haven't made an appearance yet in my RL backyard. It's been a little too cold until recently. I really appreciate being able to see them whenever I like in SL!
  3. I'll be giving up a charming corner Vic near a gorgeous pond and park at 12:30 SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Llyn Brithyll/83/39/32
  4. I thought this looked familiar. I released it last week. It was a lovely, though sandy, spot.
  5. Normally when I get a home, I clean out all the previous owner's personalization before I abandon. I left that texture, because it made me smile.
  6. Thank you so much, Laurelrose! My alt landed this a little while ago. Maybe there was another owner in between.
  7. I wonder if I got it before or after you, @MollySevens? I tried to love it, but had to let it go.
  8. @Sylvia Tamalyn, I’ve had some people hang around a little too long after I’ve gotten a house. I usually end up leaving for awhile, even though, I know I could eject them. I don’t mind the stuck Vic as a Bellisseria placeholder, so we don’t have to see Meadowbrook instead. Every once in awhile, it turns out to be an available Vic. I feel like I got the prize in the Cracker Jack box.
  9. Didn’t they have a release on Labor Day? Those Lindens love to keep us on our toes. 😊
  10. Since I really don't need a sandy river view parcel, I'll be releasing this Trad in Gallaudet at 3 p.m. SLT. It almost made me a sand convert. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gallaudet/21/175/23
  11. I've always loved Foxbridge. A different alt had a house on the river there. It was a great spot for boating. This one has a beautiful sunrise view. It really does feel serene.
  12. Congrats, Tamara! I was feeling slightly guilty when my alt landed Foxbridge. It turned out that the alt I was trying with was all out of chances. I thought for sure that I would miss it. I'm certainly not the fastest clicker in the world. When I logged in with another alt, I thought I was going for a different Trad. It really is random luck.
  13. Thanks, Faydra! My alt got Foxbridge. I absolutely love it and am really surprised that I/she got it.
  14. I fully expected the Vic I just landed in New Farthing to be just another sticky on the land page. It's back in the pool now. Inland corner parcel.
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