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  1. I feel like I’ve followed the same people from property to property. It’s almost like “ Kilroy was here.” BTW, I would have been happy to have gotten one of your castoff campers. I was in timeout when you released them.
  2. I think I’m looking to put down roots. When I’ve rented from private estates, I bounced around constantly. My inventory has a lot of houses that I would trade out. It’s been interesting to see how my search for the perfect Bellisseria home has refined my goal. Even with the choices available within the themes, I’ve generally picked one style of home and stuck with it.
  3. I never thought that I would ever need or want more than one alt. Then Bellisseria came along. Of course it is my alts that have the keeper spots. I’m up to three now, and I’m starting to think of them as my sisters. Maybe I need one more, since I have four sisters in RL.
  4. I’ve been green with envy with some of the amazing spots @Alwin Alcott has landed. I’ve landed some lovely spots, too. But the keeper under my main account continues to elude me.
  5. I tried just now, because I was on timeout from last night, when I did land a camper in Hooten Holler. It had a lot of the elements that I like, but I just felt cramped in that location. It wasn't on a peninsula. Back in the pool it went. I'm on time out again.
  6. I’m like you, Chloe, I love green and sea. I never thought I could get into sand, especially with the camper regions. I was shocked that my alt landed a sand camper on Carnival, and I decided to try it out. Of course it helps that it’s a little island. The camper faces the endless sea. Very peaceful. I haven’t given up the dream of green and sea. The search continues.
  7. I’m one of those rare people that uses the standard SL viewer, but I’m also familiar with Firestorm. I’ve been able to get the RGB values from the color picker in the viewer. I mix the colors that I like and save a paint chip for future reference.
  8. When you first posted, I suspected that you had landed one of the old style Linden homes. I started to respond then, but decided against it for fear that I’d muddy the waters. I’m glad that you got the information you needed from a variety of sources. 😊
  9. I’m a little confused. My alt caught a Carnival camper a couple days ago. Maybe they’re trickling out, because a couple were still owned by Governor Linden when my alt got hers (or mine). You see, I am easily confused. 😊
  10. I am no longer homeless. As a tiny house fan, I like my homes to be small but on water. I got this camper in Lilac Grove yesterday. It's a perfect spot to launch my kayak.
  11. I landed a camper here, and I feel like it's calling out for palm trees. Since sand isn't quite my cup of tea, I abandoned it.
  12. Hi Tenly, I suggest checking out the Linden Homes category in the Land Forum. There are hundreds (or maybe thousands) of threads devoted to getting your premium home. I find it a helpful source of information. Thanks, @Alwin Alcott for mentioning this earlier.
  13. In my early days of SL, I had more interaction with my neighbors on private estates. I got to be friends with several people. It looked like it might be that way in Bellisseria, too. In my first Bellisseria neighborhood, no one was ever around when I was on. I keep bouncing around looking for that perfect Bellisseria location. At this point, I’m happy that people are hosting public events in Bellisseria. I might meet one of my neighbors there eventually.
  14. Thanks, Kitten! It kills me that I am homeless, while my two alts have the homes of my dreams. The only reason I play Game of Homes is that I want that keeper on my main. I would love this as a perk of Super Premium.
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