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  1. Hi Hippie, Val and all. It's damp and dreary up where I am, but your posts always brighten my day!
  2. It's Black Friday here too, Val, although it doesn't quite mean the same...
  3. Hiya sweetie. Just took a bit of a sabbatical. Big hugs to my sweet French pal
  4. A happy Thanksgiving to all! In England we give thanks for getting rid of those darned pilgrims :>)
  5. Madelaine McMasters wrote: ... wakes up and gives Val a hug, Hippie a pinch and Lia a peer over her glasses. /me noticed Maddy's glasses are smudgy and immediately hides my gin bottle.
  6. Another great pic to bring a smile to my face Val. Hugs to you and to Hippie.
  7. You're moving again Hippie? It doesn't seem long since your last move!
  8. Good to see ya Luc! Don't be a stranger, there's always room by the fire. Big hugs to Hippie and Val.
  9. Go for it Val! Thinking of you sweetie and hoping you're feeling better.
  10. Oh Val that is awful! So sorry to hear that sweetie. Gosh, that makes me so angry. A biiiiig hug for my sweet French pal. And a bag of ice for that bump.
  11. Hippie Bowman wrote: Good morning all! Happy weekend! Sunday breakfast this Sunday is hosted my Renate! Watch feeds at my.secondlife.com for location post! Have a great day all! Peace! You did it again Hippie. This sounds freudean.
  12. And I'm now a better educated (and slightly nauseated) girl. Thanks Maddy!
  13. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Happy Saturday, Ms. Abbot, Mr. Bowman and the rest of you Kids!!! I'm off to the Wisconsin State Fair in a few minutes. If I appear listless at breakfast tomorrow, it'll be because I'm still digesting a chili cheese dog, a pickle on a stick, a cream puff and a root beer float. Wish me luck ;-) Sounds delicious Maddy. If only I knew what those things were. Do they do candy floss?
  14. Snugs McMasters wrote: You must get some pointers from Maddy. She can sleep while she's driving. My passengers always scream when I go round corners. I tell them, "Shut your eyes. I do."
  15. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Keep both hands on the wheel, Hippie. That house probably drives like a Lincoln Town Car. Hi Val and Lia!!! You think so? As bad as that? Hi Maddy!
  16. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Hippie, now that you have a whizzy new graphics card, I'm gonna have to start wearing makeup ;-( Wondrous Wednesday, Kids!!! I think you'll need a little more than makeup Maddy. May I suggest...
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