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  1. One of my absolute favourite films Maddy! Good old Terry Gilliam! Now explain why you're setting your bed on fire...
  2. I showed my cat those pictures and told her I was going to take her swimming...
  3. Wow! Fabulous pix from both of you. Thanks for sharing them Val and Hippie.
  4. Sorry to hear that Hippie. Keep yourself warm and comfortable, and get well soon.
  5. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who screams when they see Maddy coming.
  6. Right, that's it. As soon as I get home I'm showing my cats the Financial Times.
  7. It suits you Val! I snuck onto Hippie's territory yesterday. I couldn't find his fridge to raid, so I danced on his bus instead.
  8. You and Val made it happy (and a couple of lovely calls from my lovely family) Huggggs!
  9. Thank you Val and Hippie for putting a big smile on my face. Hugs my sweet pals.
  10. Hiya Hippie. I'm stuck in a hotel in White Plains NY... But it's my birthday! Whoopee!
  11. Yup, me too. And I had a 3 hour drive to White Plains in order to get to work this morning. I'll be up here until Friday.
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