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  1. Apparently it was a problem with my router. When I found I was having issues with my tv as well I restarted it and it all seems ok.
  2. I can't use Firestorm. Every time I start it up I see the sign-in screen then almost at once the top part of the screen turns white and I get the message '400 Bad Request. Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request'. When I get into Firestorm I am an orange cloud as are all other users and most of my surroundings are invisible. I've tried deleting and reinstalling Firestorm, cleared both my browser and sl cache and Flushed and Reset the DNS Cache in Windows 10. Help!
  3. Congratulations Hippie. Eight thousand of them and all justly deserved! Sorry I'm such a stop out.
  4. Grrr! I've just realised that when someone posts to this thread it's no longer putting a message in my mailbox. I thought it had gone quiet! Even worse, I missed Hippiestock for the first time! Mumble, grumble... Anyone know what went wrong?
  5. New Jersey had frozen rain in the night. My car looked like an ice lolly. Fortunately I drove back from NY yesterday so I'm snug and cozy at home now, and not going anywhere.
  6. Wow Val! Lucky you! I'm having to count my toes every morning! And this pic is actually no joke. On Monday night (coldest ever) we accidentally left poor Stewie out all night! He was a stray before we took him in, so he's tough (and very fat)
  7. You can have some of ours sweetie. We were forecast an inch and received a foot.
  8. Oh Val! I LOVE hearing Nat King Cole sing that song. Thank you! /me swoons
  9. Whoopee! The 'Reply' button is back! I can reply again. Here's a pic taken by me 3 years ago. Dexter is a big cat now.
  10. We Brits love Thanksgiving. We give thanks for getting rid of those darned pilgrims.
  11. Don't be silly, Maddy. Nobody would ever call you 'good'. Darn! No wonder I never post on this thread. The individual 'reply' buttons have disappeared from my screen. I only see the one at the bottom.
  12. Hey! I think Maddy and her pal have been Christmas shopping! Hope there's something in there for us!
  13. Oh yes Val, you don't speak English well. Whereas nous parles le francais com les professionals!:smileyhappy:
  14. Maddy! How dare you be so insulting? Gordon's gin, me? It's Bombay Sapphire or nothing!
  15. My peke is cuter than your peak! Grrr! This brings on my pique of the week!
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