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  1. Hi Argus, it looks like van Eyck is in the RC LeTigre channel, which skipped the server version with this physics bug. I suppose it's possible that a horse in a neighboring region (like "Nick Rhodes", which is in "Second Life Server") escaped from its skybox pen and flew/fell into your store. For what it's worth, the main issue I saw with the Amaretto horses is that they walk about 3x faster than normal.
  2. Due to physics issues with certain objects, such as Kardargo's karts and the Amaretto horses, we will undo the original fix for SVC-5880, which entered the "Second Life Server" channel today. A new server version has been built, which removes the original SVC-5880 fix, and also fixes a crash mode related to object deletion. We plan to deploy this new version to all 3 server RC channels tomorrow morning. The other two release candidates hit some last minute issues during beta testing and missed the deadline for RC. In case anybody wants to check out this week's RC before tomorrow's deploy, it can be found on Aditi (the 'beta grid') right now, with version 'DRTSIM-55'. This server version on the following regions: Aegean, Adriatic, Azov, Badnarik, and Dore.
  3. Hi Astarte, are you still seeing the problem? I just tried to TP to "Raptors Reef", and arrived in the region successfully. It appears that the sim has been up for just over 5 hours.
  4. Hi Pauline, there actually are some big object derez performance improvements in mono2performance, compared to what's been on RC LeTigre this past week. This version is lined up for tomorrow's RC LeTigre update. Object rez performance has only improved modestly since last week's mono2performance build; we are still working on it.
  5. Yes, LeTigre is getting moved to the same server version as "Second Life Server". We saw a bunch of (previously unseen) Mono-related crashes in certain regions, which were almost certainly caused by the mono2performance upgrade - this prompted the rollback.
  6. Hi Zena, are you seeing the "UThread Injection" error when saving any scripts (even a default 'Hello Avatar' script), or are you only seeing it with certain scripts? If the problem only applies to certain scripts, could you send me a copy of an affected script? Otherwise, if all scripts are failing to compile, which region(s) are you seeing the error in?
  7. Hi Ayesha, my best guess about your texture loading issue is that HTTP texture fetching somehow got disabled after you TPed, causing the viewer to use the legacy UDP fetching method instead, which is slower. The official 2.5 and 2.6 viewers have viewer metrics logging which could prove or disprove this theory (by providing details about how texture assets were fetched), but I don't think Phoenix includes that feature. The Magnum RC channel has had the "Estate Transfer Limits" project for the past few weeks, which shouldn't affect texture asset fetching (the changes are mostly for preventing IMs and object transfers for 'special' accounts). This project was promoted to the main channel this morning, so it would be interesting to see if your texture fetching speed issue goes away or becomes more widespread.
  8. There were some questions on the server-beta mailing list about the impact of the inventory changes on Bluesteel. This was my reply, in case anybody here wants to know: While the new BlueSteel RC server accepts gzip encoding, the current release viewers do not take advantage of this. A viewer-side change to request gzip encoding will hit viewer-development sometime soon. That said, there are fewer "moving parts" to inventory fetching in the new BlueSteel RC version, so fetching inventory using the newer Inventory API should be more slightly more reliable than before. As with earlier server versions, you will need to use a viewer that supports the new capabilities (FetchInventoryDescendents2 etc.) in order to access the newer Inventory API, such as viewer 2.5.1 or later.
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