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  1. oh, didn't think of that....and I am hoping to rent a skybox or two in the future. okay. I will venture back over there and ar. We aare same level (3000M) neighbors now. so. will do. uh, got there and had the two monitors in my sights and …. how do you abuse report (or is it report abuse) again??? sorry.
  2. as long as I wass able to mute them, i'm fine and don't need to submit a report. I did contact them directly and sent them a detailed notecard explaining how I was NOT slowing down the sim no matter how many prim kids and attachments I had on....but the 'griefing' (and I too believe that's what it was) TRIPLED as in they put in two more devices programmed to 'spam' me with constant ims from their 'thangs'....but I set up a house right near their skybox and they can no longer im me - or at least i'm not seeing it so all is good. Thanks everyone for the help. I want to cause as little trouble as I can - in sl anyway....;-D ?
  3. hEY everyone....it worked. i was able to mute THREE devices that would continuously im'ed me!! Here's the thing they kept sending me:
  4. Thank you all so much. it does NOT ever actually say it is from Linden Lab but it does use that officious tone and I thought (at first) it was a sim-wide thing from sl. but it is privately owned and I can go to the device (the script monitor) owned by my neighbor but I am immediately booted and then am sent home to another sim (Bay City)….and have to try again. I love the idea of trying it from far points in the sim. will do that next and then, find it as well as I can, but if I cannot mute it I will AR it. Thanks so much everyone for the kind advice. I'm getting so used to mean girls and boys here that I've become quite tenuous about reaching out to anyone at all. I will persist.
  5. so i recently bought a large (2 adjacent) parcel in Horizons. it's an adult sim, and i have prim kids, but would keep them "out of sight' in skyhome while building a museum/gallery on main level. Love the sim, loved my plan, but the first time i picked up one of my primkids (Suki) i got a message saying catty, eh? I, btw, own several properties on mainland both general and adult and this has never happened before. it made itself out to be 'official' (as coming from the sim operator - who is Gov. Linden) but in fact i traced it to a neighbor who owns what can only be called a 'f*ing parlor) in a skybox near my own. I researched this accusation (slowing down the whole sim) and find it ludicrous that this person has a HIGHLY AND CONSTANTLY animated parcel with all sorts of devices and scripts, yet every time i pick up a prim kid i get REPEATED harrassing notes, blocking my view and distracting me and basically not allowing ME to enjoy SL like 'everybody else' does. ONLY on this EXPENSIVE and MAINLAND property. what to do, friends? I am thinking they want me to sell this land cheaply just to get the * OUT OF dodge - actually Horizons Triton. Is there anything i can do to counter the 'script monitor' message? it's continuous, repetitive, and floods my screen until i detach my kid. I am very new and maybe i don't understand something, but i sent this intruder a note (the owner of the 'script monitor' self-appointed lawman) arguing the fact that MY attachments certainly do NOT affect the whole sim and it's never happened anywhere else, and now i am kicked home if I go near their sleazy skybox. btw - it's always deserted and have yet to actually find an avatar on that property. IS THERE A WAY that i can ignore, block or mute this script monitor message?
  6. Zooby Groups seem to be inactive or SOMETHING...I've joined yet the group name never appears in my group list. I love the prim babies and all the zooby 'creatures' but this has had me in tears and I've wasted days and DAYS working according to their directions only to end in frustration.
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