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  1. I just tested and found that inside megaprim objects (giant caves, houses) I have that issue but as soon as I move them outside the bounding box they work fine.
  2. Ha! I was wondering why I was having issues with unscripted seats on my floating island - made of megaprim sculpties. Duh! Never even thought about that.
  3. Cool! Err - um - that's a bug. The script should have died when the object it was in did, even with the timer function. Make a bug report on jira with extreme details.
  4. 45 days after becoming premium is when you get the bonus. Get the 300L every week on Tuesday/Wednesday (it seems to vary a little, but by Wed it should show up).
  5. That part is weird - when set to group but not deeded some group functions work, some don't. It's a pain.
  6. You're trying to deed a private island - that doesn't work exactly the same way. To deed private islands, not mainland, all you do is deed the land. There is no "tier" involved in private islands. It also doesn't count as a land contribution to the group, and you still pay the monthly fee on it. For financial purposes, you still own it (and it will show your name as the owner in the estate properties).
  7. The simplified explanation - Linden Lab does not want to come under the rules most countries have for banking institutions. If they give Linden dollars a real value, they come under those rules. So Lindens are not money.
  8. Sorry, but I disagree somewhat. A 14 year old gets a little more slack than a 40 year old. A14 year old pretending to be an adult to peek at adult stuff is NOT as bad as a 40 year old pretending to be a kid to get access to kids. Yes, at 14 the "I made a mistake when I lied" line is a bit weak - by 14 I suspect she knew full well that it was definitely wrong, not some "maybe I can get away with it" gray area. There should be penalties - I'll leave it to LL and her parents to decide what when and where. Just wanted to point out the glaring flaws in your argument, not your conclusion.
  9. I was replying to this quote OF YOURS. "Another question I have, is If I send a photograph of my passport, and they (hopefully) un-ban my IP, and switch me to teen grid. Will my parents still be able to use adult grid? Or will my whole IP be reserved for Teen grid. But..wait. I thought adults werent allowed on Teen grid. I am so confused right now. How can this turn out logically if both my parents and I would use different grids, and second life is resulting us to one?"
  10. They don't use the IP to decide which grid to use, they use your login information.
  11. If the sim closes LL does not automatically return the objects. They have been known to enable recovery of objects in the past, but that is not a guarantee of future behavior. I'd take all no-copy stuff back into inventory until the matter is resolved, just in case.
  12. Don't get me started on the build errors . Like "solid wood floor" - that has alpha. Just enough to make wings and hair screw up with the transparency fight. They could have asked me for a real "cut log" texture and I would have been happy to give them one with no alpha to fight with. Like overlapping prims for floor - at the exact same Z position so at some angles you get the flicker of a layer fight. Ooops - I seem to have started. Nevermind.
  13. Have you tried empty cache from outside SL by deleting the entire cache folder, then log into a sim you were not at before? Not TP after logging in, set a new location and then log in. Clear the cache: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_do_I_clear_my_Second_Life_cache%3F Login to a new place: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Changing_your_login_location
  14. You can have more - up to 5. You cannot create more than 2 in a 24 hour period. To create more, just create the others the same as you created the first. Each one counts as a separate account - LL does NOT tie them together (so things like age verification, payment info, need to be done for each separately). http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alt_Account_FAQ
  15. Only while you are premium. As a BASIC account you cannot own mainland. When you go back to BASIC from premium, the land goes back to Linden.
  16. EDIT: Following my own advice and reading the docs - there is one exception to the "can't react to voice". The voice system does give info that voice is being used, so a simple on/off reaction is possible. If that is all that is wanted, yup, you CAN do it. Original message: There is no way a script can "react" to voice. I don't know what you've seen, but it was NOT a script reacting to voice. You can either believe the wiki, the developers here, and me, or waste time trying to find something that doesn't exist. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Voice/Technical Also follow the links from the
  17. Script on an attachment. There are script functions that take control of the camera position and it doesn't revert when you start moving. Check with some other machinima creators - probably devices already exist for sale/trade/free
  18. Your firefox application link is pointing at the wrong thing. You probably updated firefox recently, which is known to lose links sometimes. Go to tools->options->applications In the list will be an entry on the left for "secondlife". On the right is the thing firefox wants to do when it sees slurls. Make it point to Emerald (usually C:\Program Files\Greenlife Emerald Viewer\Emerald.exe).
  19. Create a new avatar. You're allowed to have more than one. You can't change names - LL made the mistake of using the name as part of the way data is stored so changing names is really impractical at this point (they have to do a bit of work in the database to do it, so only do so when needed for a reason they think worthy, which RP is definitely not going to meet).
  20. I probably misclicked - since I'm looking at this in flat mode I'm not going to hunt back to see what I intended to respond to, as your answer pretty much contains the good points of both sides of the issue anyway. Respectful people leave houses alone. Some people don't. If the privacy is very important, something like a security orb - very tightly bound to only the inside of the house - is a practical solution. Ban lines are not - my sim is aimed at being a "public" place first, "homes" second. I WANT people to feel free to walk around, fly around, etc, and enjoy the place. Ban lines are re
  21. You like being ejected and banned? That is the general result from going into homes on most residential sims. We run them that way so that people can explore without running into banlines or getting yelled at/ejected simply because they went a little too close to security orb. Those of us that like the freedom to explore understand that it comes with some responsibility. If you wish to be irresponsible, your freedom to explore my sims will be removed. The rest of the residents of SL will still be welcome to explore as much as they want, understanding that walking inside furnished houses that
  22. A friend using Emerald had the same problem, logged in (NOT teleport - log in) at a different sim. Everything fixed. Seems the sim she was on had cached her as not having inventory, and when teleporting it sends THAT information with you. When you log in to a different sim it reloads from the asset server instead, gets all nice shiny CORRECT data .
  23. In world you can use Sculpt Studio - really easy way to make them. Should be able to find it on XStreet. Offline I use POV-Ray - not so easy, but it's a program I've been using for other things for ages so I'm used to it.
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