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  1. Omg, thankyouuuuu *hugs* followed what you said, emptied trashed and reloaded the original sl and voila i have inventory . Many many thanks from a first time forum user to all who replied *hugs*
  2. Im a non- premium member that submitted a ticket on 14th feb after finding the night before that over 10,000 items had suddenly vanished after rebooting due to serious lag. I followed the procedures to try to get my inventory restored, but nothing. Put in a ticket but heard nothing since! ive started contacting some of the creators in the hopes they'll help me out, but as a photographer in sl my first folder (animations) was totally wiped out of 100's of poses from singles, couples, groups, weddings, plus the ones for my own personal use:), which is an awful lot to ask for. Thats without the c
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