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  1. All you need to do is go into Nortom and tell it to restore and exclude this file, from then on it will work fine.
  2. DR Dahlgren

    a land question

    Its just my opinion... Always glad to help where I can though.
  3. DR Dahlgren

    a land question

    You are probably not going to like my answer, but here goes; I would never do such a thing for the public, so have no idea how to suggest advertising it. While I appreciate your altruisum, I really don't see a point in what you are trying to do. If you were doing this for some friends, it might make sense, but to do for the general public, it simply doesn't. There are many sandboxes spread across SL that fill this need and I have friends that have never created things anyplace else. A little laggy from time to time yes, and griefers do sometimes show up, but there really is not any limit to
  4. DR Dahlgren

    a land question

    One thing you really have to consider when creating a sandbox is available prim. A 1024 m2 parcel only has 234 prim available which greatly limits the type and scale of things that can be created there, and how many people can use the spot. For an "on the ground" type of sandbox, I would personally consider 4096 m2 the minimum size. There are several ways to help stop griefing. First off the easiest is to limit access and permissions to group members. While this does present its own issues by requiring that anyone using it belong to a group, you can restrict entry, the ability to rez, the a
  5. You have 76 posts showing so I have to assume you understand what this Blog is for. That makes me believe this is nothing but a Troll. And Peru's capital is Lima. /me adds your name to my ignore list
  6. DR Dahlgren


    I don't see you really responding to several of the suggestions. However, it seems moot at this point, so time to mark it answered.
  7. Actually I believe that employee number is now approx 270, at least 7 of which are VPs or higher.
  8. DR Dahlgren


    Ghost prims do not show in show in prim count, they are a collision box that server is maintaning even though the prim is no longer visible or clickable. Those require a sim restart to clear. What you seem to have is prims located on your parcel that you can not find. They can be anywhere within the area of your parcel up to 4096 meters and very difficult to find, especiall if, as they often are, they something like a watch, very small. Two things I often try. Select the Show option in About Land > Objects, this causes the object to be highlighted in white. Now go into Night view and came
  9. Try saving as .tga files. I use both and have no problems, but a lot has to do with the program you use to save the files. Also, it often takes time for a texture to appear clear when placed on a prim, especially if it a large file, like 1024 or more. _____________________________
  10. Print yourself up a nice sign.. WILL WORK FOR LINDENS... and find yourself a high traffic area to stand at. If you use your map, you can see where there are a lot of dots. Those are people. I would suggest a crowded spot on Zindra to start with.
  11. Thanks to all who contributed. This appears to be a well documented issue and there are several jira entries for correcting or to document it. It does not seem to be very well known to residents though. Maybe spread the word. I am marking this as answered.
  12. I tried using the jira to research this, and my search returned over 5300 entries. I just find it too cumbersome to really use. I appreciate the links and voted on the issue there.
  13. Well, after seeing how many people seemed to think it was a mega-prim issue, I went back and looked at my sim. I have a set of off sim mountains that give the island the look of being in the center of an old volcanic cone. While they are sclupted mega prims, I did not see how this could be causing the issue. I assumed they did not extend to the island center, but they do, and it is. The bounding boxes for these mountains extend up substanially beyond the visible height, and once above that BB, you can sit on an unscripted prim. So it appears that because the prim or object is within the BB o
  14. I have not seen it happen on any mainland region. I am not so inexperienced that I would be talking about a problem caused by another prim or mega prim. This happens currently anywhere on my region, a private homestead sim. I have seen it on other private regions as well. You rez a prim and then attempt to right click it and sit, and you get a No place to sit error. In the past, restarting the sim corrected the issue for some, which I pointed out in my OP. That would not occur if another prim was conflicting with the attempted sit. Now though, nothing seems to correct. Thanks for trying though
  15. Oh my, 50 bucks for something she intends to make money on by selling tons of them, that might take an hour to whip out by the scripter, yeah, way out of line. What would you suggest would be fair, SL wages, say - $L30 an hour? The suggestions are good, check the library and write one. Then, when you are totally frustrated and things do not work well, see how you feel about that 50 bucks. :-) Sorry, don't really mean to take it out on you, just tired of people thinking scripting is something to be taken for granted and not paid for. Just because anyone is allowed to script, it doesn't mean
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