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  1. Thanks....re the ticket that was what I'd assumed. Oh dear!!
  2. Hadn't seriously thought of that but assumed items would get bounced back at me like when you lose them - do they get swallowed then if the sim closes? And re the original Q....would taking a ticket (and a very comfy chair for the wait in my experience!) be of any point?
  3. The group owner and all 3 admins have not been online since 26th December, not a problem ordinarily except this is my rental group - my landlord. I knew this had been a growing problem because I kept bumping into new residents who had paid the rental box but hadn't been invited to group so therefore couldn't rezz furniture etc. THEN I did something supremely stupid - I was pruning my groups and accidentally deleted my rental group!!!!! Now I can't rezz any new stuff. I have IM'd & notecarded the owner....no reply...........is there anything else I can do? I don't want to move, I like it he
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