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  1. Hi guys, First of all, I apologize if a thread like this already exists. I could have sworn I'd read one like it before, but I went back ten pages and couldn't find it. I'm looking to start an in world business for the first time in five years. I want to sell fantasy styled building kits. With that said: I've got my meshes all finished and uploaded, got my tier free 1024 plot, - but now I'd like some advice before I pull the trigger and get my vendors up. You guys seem pretty helpful and this forum represents a lot of collective experience doing business in Second Life. What advice can you guys give someone starting out again? I mean anything from item naming conventions, to unpackers, to little tips like placing a picture of the add inside the box. I need an updater and I've read into various vendor systems, but it would also be nice to hear your guy's thoughts there as well. Anyhow, I appreciate in advance you guys taking the time to read this and post any sort of helpful tips you might have!
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