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  1. I'm currently unable to download the Second Life Viewer for Mac (http://download.cloud.secondlife.com/Viewer_6/Second_Life_6_0_1_522263_x86_64.dmg). Is anyone else experiencing this issue, or is it something on my end? Thanks!
  2. Anyone else having trouble getting SLURLs to open from Chrome into Firestorm? This has always worked for me in the past, but no longer. What's up?
  3. Why the hell is it taking 30 minutes to download Firestorm? They need to fix this issue and the need to do it NOW.
  4. Oh how I love threads like this, especially when people get all pissy pants about other users expecting even a basic level of competence from companies. It's super easy to tell which users have been brainwashed into accepting that corporations don't owe us anything.... Demanding professionalism is a virtue grasshoppas...a worthy one to possess, though not easily obtained, apparently.
  5. "Unscheduled Maintenance?" Dude, next time schedule that maintenance
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