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  1. This is being arbitrary. I made a genuine effort to point out someone doing good work in world, in relation to a particular special interest sub forum here. The post included some criticism (the prices are high). The post violated the TOS and was pulled. There are no words like "Except, but, its of if" in that TOS. Makes me less likely to contribute knowledge gained from 9 years in world.
  2. I recommended someone, there was no need to ask. Deleted post.....
  3. Its not allowed, per TOS: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines So things like, "Who makes a good mesh head?", "What are good programs for video capture?", "What can I use to edit a photo?", "Where can I find a ....?", "Are there any no-hassle landlords?" etc. Not gonna have any info from me,. Figure it out yourself. Scout
  4. Thanks for the tips, I will try the free version of Fraps first. Another issue I had with jerky motion, may have been because I was saving video to a separate network drive.
  5. Endless lists of cookie-cutter properties from "yada yada" Estates Agents who pop in within seconds of your arrival at vacant land 40' tall mountains, waterfalls, or just plain walls, turning a sim into SL Dilbertville NO attempt at terrascaping or any creativity Endless tropical beaches Masses of skyboxes starting at 400' Goofball builds, 10-20 story empty condos Breedable-friendly estates Wanna open a SL club? Come on over! Owner-landlords seem to be long-gone Might as well live on Mainland Pages and Pages of vacant property listed by these Estates. NO Way they are paying LL for th
  6. How much are you paying? There are tons of girls unfulfilled in their search for a good "slave master"
  7. Yes, clearly, a 50yo guy having sex with an avatar that is 20yo, and calling it 'ageplay' is illegal! Its not 'age play", what it is is "pretending to be a different age, (and maybe experience/maturity level) than you really are, and having sex while doing it". That certianly is NOT age play!
  8. Does anyone accept that it is "ageplay" when you act, or look an age different from your own? I've gotten a lot of flack from "babygirls" (as in opposite to Daddy Doms) who insist that even if they look 19yo and hold a teddy bear while wearing pajamas, its NOT ageplay, which of course, is Forbidden.
  9. Its MB Skins (not MB Design) on their search listing. In Kzer Za Ah they have done some interesting things. They offer a young and old version of the same female skin. Also you can be undead Hitler and Khaddaffy. Several ethnic black and asian skins. A Neytiri (ok copyright violation there! haha)
  10. Yes, well I am not new at adjusting poses. I've been working with MLPV2 for 3 years, programming up dozens of different beds and other items, I seldome need the position information, I work it up myself with the tool included with MLPV. I suspect, don't know, but I believe these independent customer service agents also have the tools to set the positions for dancing animations, but Intan will not share that down to the cutomers. The agents have a revenue stream 'loading' dances in these balls so their is no motivation to share a "how-to". Yes a company in Indonesia is an issue, I have a lot
  11. What like ladies don't do this too? Lots more females in SL than men.
  12. I just purchased an Intan Couples dance ball, singles ball, and the 'Dance Anywhere" add-on. I only purchased this system as it seems Every club in SL uses it. I wanted to make it easy to add dancing animations. Well that is not gonna happen, I will have to spend a lot of time to get this to work. Intan does not sell in the Marketplace, so I can't leave feedback there, but I am glad to here. You can find their store searching for "Intan Eksotics" at Sunset Beach. This companies web site is registered in Indonesia. The web site has not been updated since 2008, yet they maintain a
  13. I set up the Browser on a Prim (BOP) thing, took about 5 min. I can watch most anything I can get on a browser. Embedded flash seems to work. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Shared-Media/ta-p/700145
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