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  1. thats actually interesting but i couldnt care less o.e; I just use skype to talk to most of my friends. BESIDES I can find info about someone by googling their name and general location lmao.............. its really sad >_<; although, i searched for myself and it was off by a huge margian
  2. v_v why doesnt anyone comment?
  3. The point of this is to get to know your buddies through two interesting means, having skype or some other IM application and SL. This way if your not on SL you would still be able to talk right? :P so post what your interested in and your skype name so we can add youuuu. I am interested in quite a few things, in good/great friends, in finding more people to help with my game development project and for someone to roleplay with ;)... I am not really a "great detailed" roleplayer but I guess I do alright. And right now I feel DEPRIVED D;... been here and there trying to get one person to talk to and they seem to keep logging out or whatnot when it gets really interesting v_v Oh well! but here's my skype, feel free to add me: senriu Also, I am inworld, at a friends place. If your on and bored go ahead and friends request me :D <3 sagekri resident is my name, please tell your friends ;)
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