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  1. Yeah the same here, as I do my own stages in most cases I don't spend much either
  2. For now my team and I are trying to replicate music videos, it is like a challenge, we wonder if it is possible to do it in SL and we get down to work, most of the time I do my own scenarios if I do not find anything better in MP, I do simple animations too.
  3. Thank you so much Soda! oh guess u need Firestorm to do that , not sure if the official viewer have the same options, go to preferences "Mover y Ver" (sorry my viewer is in spanish) in english must be Move and See?, and there u need to uncheck "Reset camera position when moving avatar". After that lock the camera on ur avatar with Alt and choose the angle u want, the camera will follow u in that position.
  4. Thanks! I use a Xbox gamepad to make zooms and sometimes edition too
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