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  1. does anyone know where I can find this fur wrap? been trying to find it for a while it looks so pretty :(
  2. I listen to any type of music, all depends on my mood from metal,rock,gothic to dream pop, pop, indie,electronic,folk,alternative, post rock,Industrial,EBM etc etc you get the idea haha :matte-motes-asleep-2:
  3. I do get bored of it sometimes, so I wouldnt log in for a few weeks, but I do come back all the time. but no, I never feel like i am wasting my time
  4. Hello everyone! my name is Reika and I'm originally from Ukraine :) I love art very much, i do both traditional and digital art. I also like to watch anime sometimes I also play Final fantasy 14 and Guild wars 2, so if you play any those, even better ^__^ I have tumblr too if anyone is interested. I also love fashion, my style really depends on my mood, I go from cute and frilly things to more elegent and mature stuff, or dark gothic, all depends on mood :catembarrassed: I'm a bit of a loner in SL which is why I'm posting this thread, I'm very nice and friendly, I love to explore nice
  5. Hello :) I'm looking for a job as a photographer or an artist, i do both traditional and digital art. message me on here or leave me a note, please dont IM me as it gets capped :(!
  6. Hello there ^^ I know how you feel haha, the first time I joined I was so lost, had no idea what to do or how but I had some people helping me a bit and showing me around. if you need some help feel free to talk to me and add me :cathappy:
  7. I really understand you I feel the same way, and sure! I'd love it ^^
  8. Probably the most two annoying things that I hate are: 1. when people randomly add me, and dont even bother to talk with me, what's the point of this? 2. pervs asking for pixelsex, NO THANKS.
  9. I have no web experience but I really like the idea of having a SL web dating service, I think it could be really nice and even helpful for people like me who have a hard time making friends and such, so I hope it will happen ^^ If you'd like some company you can always add me and talk to me, I really enjoy talking to people about subjects such as relationships, It's probably the best thing I can talk about :cattongue:
  10. Hm.. I can't really say I'm addicted to SL, not at all.. I dont really feel the need to log in everyday or such since I'll probably end up bored, but maybe it's just me since I dont do much on there or haven't tried new things. I was pretty sure I'll become addicted to it because in RL, besides going to work I dont really do anything else and I'm mostly home, but eh, didn't happen :catindifferent:
  11. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who replied or added me I hope to see you online soon and hang out ^-^
  12. I have around 2 or 3 shapes but I use only one, and hmm about skins.. not that much too. but I do like to change from time to time depending on my mood~
  13. hmm I'm not sure if this is much of a help but I've found some shapes that maybe you'll like tho not sure ; 1 2 3 4 5
  14. Hello everyone~ I have a really hard time making friends so I feel really lonely most of the time in SL so I thought I should probably try to post in the forum in hope of finding some friends ^^ I've had this account for an year and few months but I never really used it. I'm 18, I love art very much I spend most of my time drawing or working, I'm a pretty friendly person and I really love going to clubs or do shopping, I'm into gothic or any cute fashion such as lolita fashion or japanese, my clothing really depends on my mood haha or the place I go to. But anyway, If you'd like a really good
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