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  1. I don't know what's going on but I want to thank you Littleme Jewel for trying to help me with this. Alize
  2. I finally see the join button but now i'm just getting "Oops! Something went wrong with joining the group"
  3. Thanks Littleme Jewel! I've gone to the group itself but there is not join button showing. I do have a Flickr account already and went there within my logged on account but nothing showed to allow me to join.
  4. Hi Xiola! Can you send me an invite to the Second Life Official Flickr page? I'd like to submit a pic but I don't see a submission button or even a join button. thanks; Alize
  5. Greetings! I would love to submit a Pic but I do not see a button to join the Second Life Official Flickr page. can someone send me an invite please? Below is the pic I would like to enter. Thanks in advance. Alizekristal
  6. This is my second attempt. I tried what the two solutions suggested but the button for entries is greyed out. Please, I need to know why
  7. Attempted to post photo to the "Leap into Love" Contest page and got a message that I do not have permission. Why is that?
  8. I've read everyone's answers to the first question I posted but I am still at a loss. First, there is no indication of who the admin is in the group so I cannot contact them. Second, I have read all the rules prior to joining and I CANNOT for the life of me see what I did not adhere to. I only submitted photos of myself (NOT NUDE) in different Sim locations in SL. The photos were then added to my page and I put descriptions under each with information of what I was wearing. There is no indication in the rules that descriptions cannot be added. So, how do I find out who the admin is so I can get a clear explanation? Thanks
  9. I recieved this message from Flickr today: I need an explanation please From:Flickr HQSubject:You have been banned from the Second Life Official Group Hi - You have been banned from the Second Life Official group. You will not be able to rejoin this group unless a group administrator removes the ban. Note: This message has been sent to you by FlickHQ on behalf of Second Life Official. If you want further clarification about the reason behind you being banned, you'll need to follow up with someone from the group, because FlickrHQ has no say in an individual Group's administration. Here's a link to Second Life Official. I've read everyone's answers but I can't contact an admin because its not displayed who they are and as for the rules, I cannot see what I did not adhere to. I sent pics of myself (not nude) in different Sims in SL. In the descriptions, I put the information of what I was wearing in case anyone was curious but that is all. How do I find the admin?
  10. Hi having the same issue today. I was on earlier then I went to another sim, couldn't see my shoes and then suddenly....poof! I figured if I update to the latest Firestorm version it would help but no. Gets all the way to region handshake then tells me an error msg with the sim or check my internet connection. My internet is fine or else I wouldn't be able to post this. I know its Region restart Tuesday but Geez this is the worst one yet!
  11. I have been using the same password for my account since its inception and it worked earlier today. Now suddenly I cannot log into my accout and I keep getting the error message that the password is incorrect when it is not
  12. I've been trying to update my RW biography with a poem and it will only show half of it when I save it. How many characters are we allowed in the box?
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