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  1. ah hehe that's funny. Not what you picture when they say tube dress though.
  2. I don't seem to be having any problems. I'm only using a solo sit though. Try pulling out the old 2 prim item and make sure it still works, sometimes when they push the new viewers out they have undocumented changes that break stuff. And, repeat, the same configuration and script than my previous 2 prims item. Anyone had problems with sitting on a mesh now? Thanks If you had 2 scripts seperated into 2 seperate prims and are trying to put them into one mesh all hell will break loose. They will fight each other.
  3. I was gonna go full on and do my shop as a mesh but seeing how violently some people are reacting to being forced into viewer 2 er 3 I'm thinking this would be a mistake, at least until the 3rd party viewers are mesh enabled. I'm afraid I have to agree with some of the people about viewer 2, it makes me physically ill to use it for very long. I get a bad headache and start feeling kinda car sick. Same thing happened to me trying to play everquest or watch a 3d movie. If anyone knows of a setting to turn off whatever feature might be causing that I'd love to hear it. I'm getting used to the lay
  4. My stools that were 2 prim, are now 1 prim with the scripts. I'm a happy little camper.
  5. When I was making a beer tap a while back I found that a lot of liquor makers have pretty open licensing for the use of their logos. As long as you aren't using them to defraud someone or compete with them a lot of them were free to use,
  6. Ashasekayi Ra wrote: Ciaran Laval wrote: I'm at a very noob level with Mesh and Blender, I can make a building into a nice shape, need to figure out the finer details, such as working doors, but I'm trying to make it so that textures show on both sides of a basic cube shape, when I upload it there's nothing inside. Now, I'm thinking that duplicating the original and flipping the faces might be the way to go, I have tried this but it didn't seem to work but I'm wondering if that's the right way to try and do it anyway or whether there's another way of doing it. You actually can turn
  7. Someone was saying Rigging doesn't work from blender 2.5 as well. Not sure if it's fixed or not.
  8. I don't think Jira was around back then. We were just at the whim of those silly town hall meetings that never did much of anything except make us all wanna slap a Linden.
  9. We need a way to be able to set the 3rd owners perms. That way you could sell items full perm for that person to use as they need in their build but if they gave/sold it to someone else it would be the restricted perms for that third person. I thought they had talked about this a long long time ago as part of some business tools upgrade but I think it got lost in space. I would definitely be more willing to make builders bits and bobs if I could do that.
  10. Basic stools blender 2.5. Vertices are probably way to high for this item, but PE is o.k. I'm still in the learning phases of blender so was doing some basic prim building first. I have some other more advanced stuff now but this was my test subjects for learning to upload and get LOD figured out etc..
  11. I love to see everyone else's creations, but I don't love not being able to build because someone put 200 copies of their item all across the sim. So be kind to your fellow builders and leave us room to join in the fun, while enjoying your work.
  12. It's gonna be a mess at first that's for sure. I'm scared of the IM's that go something like. "Hey I bought your "insert furniture here" and accidently linked it to my house and half my house disapeared. You are an evil person and I"m telling everyone I know not to buy from you anymore because you stole my house."
  13. This is from Belgium, but still. http://www.ipfrontline.com/depts/article.aspx?id=25172&deptid=7
  14. Good idea but we shouldn't be having to do that and pay the extra upload fee. Great work around though.
  15. Nameing them with numbers can get weird when you get into double digits. Systems will like to go 1, 11, 12, 13, 2, 3, 4 so watch out for that.
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