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  1. Pedant: Does local chat fit the definition of "a conversation" as per the cited rule? Oh, my sweet summer child, anything you do digitally is a free for all. Russian botnets see everything on your phone, from your contact lists, to your sexynudes, to every text you ever send, including the ones you started to type then deleted and never actually sent. And I don't think they have any hesitation with sharing that information with the entire internet. #FIC
  2. Ah yes, I put a lot of work into cultivating a resonant brand, for you! the people!
  3. ehhhhhhhhhhhh California law is weird and this is privately owned video game where the TOS/EULA probably has waviers and stuff and ehhhhhhhh My uneducated interpretation is that as a company based in CA, as well as being a resident of CA, it's more than likely that audio recordings of a conversation I participate in would be illegal without "consent" However, as far as -telephone calls- go, pressing "1" is consent, so is continuing to speak after hearing an "audible beep" from the recording party. And if the call originates from inside CA to someone outside CA, the laws only apply to
  4. In-world Chat is public. Anyone can do anything with it. IM might have rules but probably not. Audio recordings are probably a little more of a legal grey area. And then of course, there's a difference between illegal/against TOS and *actually enforced/enforceable*
  5. Trigger warning: Real life https://www.nbcnews.com/dateline/homicide-investigation-begins-remains-missing-16-year-old-jholie-moussa-n842506 I'm tripping, right? She went missing the day the California nazi was brought in.
  6. YOU WOULD LITERALLY BE THE FIRST (I've never been treated like a woman in SL. Everyone always assumed I was the alter-ego of a 47 year old gay man.)
  7. I had to talk my way out of a community college suspension after I complained a professor dead-named me and the professor complained that I complained. RL people are lurking on the forums today. The school took the position of "dead naming is not a real thing" -- as in the powers that be hadn't heard of it, so they assumed I made it up for trolling purposes.
  8. That's not a real thing! (one person will get this joke, 200 will be confused and angry)
  9. Hey! If you know me, you know me. I am coming out as transgender. And gay. But mostly transgender. http://dariasafterthoughts.blogspot.com/2018/01/come-out-come-out-wherever-you-are.html If you don't know me, hello. This is awkward.
  10. Hello, Looking for friends, show me cool stuff, that sort of thing 23 year old female
  11. Remember those freebies everywhere? I mean they're still around but they used to be EVERYWHERE. Pretty dated nowadays but there was a time when dat Walter Smitty. Who was Ronja? What's the story behind the store? What kind of buisness in a box silliness lead to full perms Ronja items all over the grid?
  12. This thread reminded me why I don't talk to any of you people any more. Can't even look at what's basically just patch notes without wading through full grown adults who are old enough to have grandkids spew their ignorance like the 12 year olds on AoC forums. Cry moar, LL is finally taking out the trash. In world has already cleaned up quite a bit. When's the last time you've had someone orange ask you to cyber?
  13. Dear Mr. Humble: Please don't judge the entire SL community by the first gorean babyfur on a leash that makes a request for more child squirrel-boy sex slave friendly communities. These people are weird. While there are plenty of complete weirdos in SL, there are a good chunk of us who are relatively normal and spill money into SL because we have jobs and like playing with our barbie dolls, not because we're going through a midlife crisis and want to do the intercourse with everything and spill all 750$ of our welfare cheque into SL. While the latter are the majority, the minority of relative
  14. Second Life is not a game. OY! Humble has just arrived. Can't you keep your freak flag in your pants for at least 12 hours?
  15. Can we get the Mr. Humble's Computer? I have Freetime installed D:
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