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  1. Hello! I'm in the process of creating a new sim with a friend of mine, and we need someone to script a fairly simple dice/titler hud. I have the design already laid out, I just need someone to make it functional. Payment is of only mild concern- as long as the price isn't exorbitant we are good lol. If interested you can reply here or message me or drop me a NC in world- Salila Wytchwood. Thanks in advance!
  2. Green, usually, as I am in RL. As a creator, though, I can say that my most sold eye set is all blue, by a dramatic amount. Seems blue is a bit more popular.
  3. Hello! I've been poking around in the world of making mesh clothing and such but thusfar am not at all satisfied with my work. I'm looking for someone with some experience making mesh accessories and clothing to help/tutor/teach me. I have Blender, but very limited on my knowledge of 3D, as while I have always had an eye for art and fashion design, I've not been particularly interested... until lately. Anyway. I am willing to pay for such tutoring. Please contact me in world (Salila Wytchwood) preferably by dropping me a NC, or here, that works too. Rates of pay TBD.
  4. Hello! I am seeking an experienced scripter to make a dice HUD that ALSO has a built in titler for a RP sim. The overall concept is easy, so if you feel up to it please reply here or drop me a NC or IM in world. Messages often cap, however, so NC is probably best. I am happy to pay, and that will be discussed via IM.
  5. You should probably pick up some out-of-the-house hobbies. Join a club of some kind, or a gym, or regularly take your dog (or neighbors dog, or whatever, with permission of course) to the dog park. Go do things for yourself that you enjoy doing. If you like reading, go to the bookstore. A lot of bookstores will have benches and chairs where you can sit and read for a while, or spend time at the library. If you like art, there are a lot of places that offer art classes for adults or pottery shops where you can make and/or paint your own pottery. The best part is, there are guys that do these things to, and you may well find a new catch playing frizbee with his pup at the park or spinning up a vase in the pottery shop or curling weights in the gym. The key is to get out of the house! Unless you'd rather go on online dating sites and meet new guys in that way.
  6. I think it might have something to do with the alpha layers. If he restarts SL and it's still like there, he might want to try going in and taking off anything he's wearing with an alpha layer. It's happened to me a few times.
  7. Every time I have to use an Alpha layer for shoes or something, it makes not just parts of my feet vanish, but my face, torso, arms, hands. Legs are fine. Clothes vanish on the torso section, but attatched things like hair, eyes, or flexi bits remain. SL auto-updated to the new version today, and I've never had a problem like this before, so I can only assume that this is the issue. Also, if it makes any difference, I'm on a Mac. I have rebooted, relogged, uninstalled, reinstalled, redownloaded, reinstalled, reset internet connection, and a whole host of other things, but the only thing that works... is to take off the alpha layer. EDIT: (Didn't see a way I could respond) Anyways, I have Leopard, I have already cleared caches multiple times, uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version, but still things vanish when I put on alpha layers. Is there anything else I can try? I don't seem to have a problem with Pheonix viewer, but I don't really care for Pheonix, and would rather use the SL viewer.
  8. I have a couple sets of traditions. For Thanksgiving, I go along with my family to where ever the required get-together is (my parents house, this year) and we have Traditional turkey, stuffing, rolls, and all sorts of stuff. For Christmas, I have two. As a pagan, I celebrate Yule, and I stay up all night on longest night of the year to observe the sunrise in the morning. But then, as a part of a mostly Christian family, we do the typical Christmas tree decorating a week or two after Thanksgiving, have ham and other woderful foods on Christmas Day, go to late services at the church on Christmas Eve, give gifts, etc.
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