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  1. Sometimes im dark, sometimes im soft.😇
  2. Thank you so much! I really love hairs 🥰
  3. Absolutely. I met my friend thru another virtual game. I met her cause she used to had an agency there and I used to be her model. We got pretty closed and I ended working as her graphic designer (which in RL is what I am, Im a Graphic Designer). We got bored to the other game and we both came here to SL years ago. We loved it so we stayed. We still friends. even though right now she's not login to SL anymore as before, we are still friends and talk on the phone.
  4. In conclusion... You are bitter and boring. You think that everyone has to be like you and you think or pretend to know it all. Your experience only affected you not anybody else, so trying to spread your bitterness to the SL world that tell them if you're ignorant in SL you lack as a human in RL. If people wants to "hide" behind SL, what's the problem with that? Let's make it more clear, its call "Virtual Game" NOT a RL game, and that my friend, give those people rights to hide if they want. Many people know how to separate what's real and what's not. However, let me inform you that games like this, was invented by a RL person that also had a RL. Meaning, that if a game makes someone happy better than going outside and meet other RL people, who the hell are you to judge them? Because of your bad experience? Please...🙄 And you're right.. you are a mess. Its funny that people don't need to see each others faces to feel or to tell whether someone is a mess, bitter, angry or good for nothing just by the style of writing, tone of voice, or body corporate. Your post says it all. The true is, it kills you how people use their SLs. But the fact is... the people have the right to use SL how they pleased. They are many bad ones, there also many good ones, but that's their damn problem, not yours. And your own question "Whats your secondlife definition?" What do you NOT understand behind the words "Second Life"? Second Life is just the world that allows you to do "everything" that you can't do in RL (hypothetical or nonfactual way). People love it, so why judging? You claimed you're leaving this game? Yeah right!🤥 But even if its true, does it matter? Is anyone is going to miss you or remembers you? I doubt it. But you definitely will remember SL🤣
  5. So far my fav photo. I really love the hair. Could you please tell me who's the hairstylist if you don't mind? I would love to see if she/he has light browns. Thank you
  6. Wohooo Im back again 😄 Glad to see new faces and familiar faces as well. I hope everyone stays safe. The COVID 19 has turn the world upside down and I dont think this will be over soon. Its going to take a while. I really hope for all of this to end. Remember, wash your hands often for 20 sec., don't be around to many people or talk to close too them. Dont rub you eyes, nose or mouth after touching any objects that someone else used or touched. Be safe. As for me well...in SL I'm the same o same o. Well maybe a gain a little bit of weight😅
  7. Well it still me, the same o same o 😎
  8. What is the purpose of wanting to have a "rich only" ladies group? Do you mean rich as in RL or SL? Are you looking for someone to filled your SL needs or your RL needs economically? Cause that what it looks like. But then again, it is SL. Anything is possible.
  9. These are such a cute toddlers. Im want to adopt. 😊
  10. Love the color blend of this photo. Beautiful
  11. Yellow always has been my favorite color. I think yellow is the most beautiful color ever. Nice pic!
  12. Well, it has been a while (not that long) but I missed this thread. I missed my SL home, so I took these pics in my sweet home, where I considered is the best place in SL. I love being at home.
  13. I've been seeing your photos like probably a year or 2 (dont remember), and this is the first time I can finally see your face very close. I really like it. You do have a pretty face.
  14. Im back!!! Wow, that is why I love this topic better because it just goes and go and go forever. I'm glad I'm back. I see some familiar faces and also some new faces and great photos 🙂 Well I haven't changed much, just gain some pounds 😀
  15. lol when I read this I don't know why I started laughing nonstop lol?
  16. If you both don't have any intentions of meeting up, then don't. Why thinking too much? If this is something that both agrees or feels comfortable, then settle with what you enjoy best. If the best is a long distance relation, that's not weird, considering that there are tons of couples in the same situation. If both get to have the intentions of meeting up, then go for it. The point is... both have to agree and feel good about it. If one of you disagree and the other one pushes it, that's when the problem will start. So leave it as it is, and go with the flow.
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