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  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know, LL has solved the problem within 48 hours. So it was not my settings, it was on thier side. thank you all
  2. I submitted a case, now I'm waiting. I let you know what the solution will be.
  3. Thank you! "If Tarro Perra is the correct name, then you see that there is no payment info." Where can you see this information? In my account settings there clearly is stated that there is a payment on file, it's active. I just updated it yesterday.
  4. Hey folks, maybe you can help me out. Here the facts: I cannot access adult content/places from within the viewer when I perform a search. My Adult landmarks don't work anymore. I cannot teleport to any Adult rated area, even if I get a teleport from somebody else. Funny enough, even my "home" is an adlut area, so i cannot go home anymore. Two days ago there was no problem. My avatar is 7 years old. I have payment on file and it's up to date. I can use marketplace and buy stuff from there. I can perform search and I can see adult content in the market place. I have the options available and selected in the viewer "I want to access content rated: G M A" I used the latest original SL viewer, I can select G M A there too. I tryed Firestorm and CtrlAltStudio, same result. I have a second charakter/avatar with the same payment information, exactly the same settings in the viewer and this one has no problem accessing adult content. I cannot see any option in my account settings in the web browser where I can check or uncheck the maturity level. Can you help me out please? thank you!
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