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  1. First of all. A big thanks to all creative people and all lovely pictures of your homes 😍I am not that creative, but this is my little livingroom in Winchester house. Simple but i like it for now. I even succeded to link a few things here after reading threads. So i got a few more landimpact to play with ☺️
  2. Not so much flowers in this corner of the garden. But a greenhouse, chicken coop and a backyard beehive so far.
  3. Thank you. None of my heads either. I used Faceapp. I wish we could have that smile inworld as well πŸ˜ƒ
  4. Today at beach. A little sand between your toes takes away your woes 🌞
  5. Thanks for answers. I do my best to not have angry people after me πŸ˜… Have a kitchen, but i like the animations and all things i can do there. Do i need to sit on toilet in sl. No, but it is a fun to have things that works, instead of just decorations. Always have green dots on lag meter at the sim with high settings so for me its all good. I need to check that "much physics"-thing. Been in sl for many years but never thought about that πŸ™„
  6. Thanks. Succeded shrink to 5860 memory used. If that can help. I feel not much lag at all myself, but worried about others at same sim. I had some pets out that i thought could cause lag Well, i did what i could for now ☺️
  7. Thanks for reply. I started to remove scripts, but will keep some in furnitures. I hope it can help for eventually lag.
  8. I wonder if i have to much scripts on my land. Memory used 9588 kb. Was thinking if it cause lag for some people. I can see there is scripts in some items i have out, but when check i can not see that in content-tab. Do i need to unlink and remove scripts there to reduce lag? Or can i just turn off somehow? Not so familiar with scripting and such things. I want the best for my neighbours only πŸ™‚
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