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  1. Moved in yesterday to a rented mainland parcel. The animals are happy to be out again. Today i shall put out more trees, grass and plants and finish the house furnishing. So fun to have little more prims than usual 😀
  2. Lovely Vic in Fairfax. Going back soon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fairfax/34/104/23
  3. Vic going back in 5 minutes from now http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lower Barensmouth/183/157/32
  4. Yes, I know now what to do if this happens again and that a clean install is not the first thing to try with problems like this. For some it helps just with a simple relog or two. I know about the Maitreya group also. I reached the limit for groups and did not wanted to leave one just to ask one question. The forum is also a place to ask for help when something is wrong i think 🙂
  5. Yes. The reason i went for re-delivery several times I was desperate 😟 I thought it could be the viewer, thats why i also used SL viewer. But when my alt saw everything correct at same laptop, i was thinking it can not be that. Thanks for more things to try if it happens again. I hope not. 😊
  6. Yay! The router power-thing did not help so i went on with the full clean Firestorm reinstall. I have never done that before, so i it took some time to understand the video since english isnt my language. But i made it, and my body is back to normal again. Thanks for all help, so happy now 🥰
  7. Wow thanks! I must try that now. Its my last chance i think. I have tried everything and still my body is a mess. I start with the router and the Hippo region. If thats not working i do the full clean reinstall for Firestorm.
  8. Thanks for all advice. I went for body redelivery for the fifth time. I have resetting attachments, and been in scriptfriendly places. Checked all avatar health again and did the character test. Cleared cashe. Relogged. Started to fix my avi again......and this sticks out. Its is written Amara Beauty and i do not even have that Amara skin on now. I gonna be crazy for real 😢
  9. Thanks for help. I took a new delivery again. Cleared cashe. Restarted. Made a character test. Put on the body again. What i wear in skin shape and brows is a mix. Trying different of those to see if it has something to do with that. I have click show all and each section. Something sticks out at upper leg and when clicking pelvis it be smaller. I use Firestorm and tried SL viewer. My body is good there BUT The head is white now and i do not have a head on now and no bom layers. When i crashed i had Lelutka head if that have a point. Going slightly mad here 😫 Just logged in an alt and she see
  10. I crashed under a tp and when logged back my body was broken. I took a redelivery for the body but still looks like this 🙁 Slink body works. I cleaned my computer. My graphic card is updated. I have tped to different places. I have detached all i had on and relog. But its still looks like this. Not sure what more i can try? https://gyazo.com/5c392eda3c1460e3e1e8f313acd89022
  11. And when a girl gotta go, she gotta go. A outhouse with some books to read 😁 Some animals out and just a few prims left 😩
  12. Trying out the camping-life today. I have some problems with the primlimit, not many left and i have almost just started 😅
  13. Got curious about the dog park. Not sure if it is ment for dog avatars. But i grabbed two of my dogs to take a look. This is so nice and cool anyway 😍 Bellisseria. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE237/128/128/2
  14. Think i am done moving around in Bellis. Me and Jacko are happy with the view from our balcony ❤
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