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  1. my house eventually popped back up on its own after quite awhile... so yours may as well
  2. looks like the just-released regions are being restarted now
  3. I'm sure that is always going to be true And even when there are new regions released, you can probably get an abandon. I'm just hoping to increase my odds a little by using my one roll when one of those coastal regions is released. I was remembering that taking them offline was one of the last things done before release -- but just wasn't sure I remembered correctly!
  4. i was thinking I read somewhere that there's a certain process regions go thru before release ... I'm hoping to roll for a coastline spot
  5. what does this usually mean in terms of release?? i've got one shot (at work)... thanks for any insight!
  6. oh nice! I couldn't resist trying to get a better camper location -- and two alts got campers that appear to be basically side by side.... I won't be able to check them out until I get home from work!!
  7. hi all~ Does anyone have a suggested refresher for firefox?
  8. Most of my stuff seems to wind up in the "My Inventory" folder.... :smileysad: But hope springs eternal -- thanks for all the terrific ideas!
  9. What a fun trip down memory lane this was! Clearly, the look I was striving for has never changed much, tho' SL fashion, and my own shopping and photography skills have improved a great deal! Thanks for the nudge -- this was a lot of fun to put together!
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