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  1. a gacha is a machine that is filled with goddies a designer has put in it will be a set so IE. a demon outfit , they will have a common or a couple of common items which might be a dress lets say and hooves , then horns may be an ultra rare item and makeup might be a rare item so the idea is to collect the whole series its usually somethign like 25l or 50l each pull and you get an item each pull , ooh idjk if i have explained this well buyt basically is what a gacha is ) its fun and many just gacha events so check them out not scary at all just a new and fun way to shop
  2. simply wonderful great pic )
  3. oooh i soo wish some one would it looks like there is a desparat call for it
  4. ooh please some one fix it up i soo want to use this grins
  5. you need to teleport to the desination you want to go to0 http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW2huyjuZB4 try this video hope it helps
  6. yes Cait we are pretty much the same on your sim we change per season, we have winter , spring ,summer autumn then halloween easter , and christmas too all going on at finite fini and have genral fun decorating to suit what ever we have in mind like if it is some one specials rez day like for mat one year we took up all of your ghetto And to what it may be like next year who can tell we may have flattend the lot and started all over again:)) This is when we flooded the beach in sympathy for the hurricans.
  7. great/shot/Acab:matte-motes-inlove:
  8. ey give me a shout in world if yu not found a family we have a huge famly we all really close and have alot of fun party alot and genrally lots of sl fun would love to hear from you good luck hazy xxx
  9. smiles i have meet a few that came into game this way ooh u soo should have got them to pay for a sim for u what a shame you didnt thiknk of that .
  10. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Finite%20Fini/38/179/27 is the surl to our bar and yes we get many people in here not always clan memebrs any one who wishes to hang out is always welcome
  11. I had to edit my pictures they were too large was the issue so finally here is my favorite bar, which is on our sim is our bar for lycans, humans and vampires whom ever wishes to use it its on our pirate bay which is a disused bay was once inhabited by pirates now has been over took by the lycans and vampires of full moon
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