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  1. I'm glad that LL is trying to improve the interface and VERY glad that you're asking our input. I find, though, that the new interface is klunkier than the present one. The hierarchical view could use some keyboard shortcuts, such as backspace to go to the next higher folder. And in the breadcrumbs, the very first thing I tried to do was to click on one of the upper-level folders there, but nothing happens.
  2. I'm not saying that sculpty skirts are bad. I have a couple that work just fine and look good. However, I can't always tell from looking at a picture whether a skirt is going to flow or be a solid block, and it's aggravating to find out after you buy. I realize that there can't be any rules about this, but I'd appreciate a line like "features sculpty skirt".
  3. cafebabe

    What is a gacha?

    I see these things around but I'm afraid to touch 'em. What do they do?
  4. I'm using the Firestorm viewer, and this is what happened: 1. I started flying. 2. I typed "gth 1500" to go up to 1500 meters. 3. Once I got that high, I started falling! 4. I looked at the Firestorm wiki to see how to turn on Flight Assist. 5. I checked, and it was already on. So what did I do wrong? Why didn't I stay up there?
  5. I tried to follow the badge creation instructions, but when I go to Create a Profile Badge, there isn't any place to upload an image.
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