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  1. Hmm, perhaps other people have had the same problem? Either stick with the version that works or find a thread that addresses your issue. I was going to suggest reinstalling Second Life in order to to do a fresh install of the viewer but I dunno.
  2. I'm guessing it would have something to do with your graphics card/driver. Do you have the latest version?
  3. I have no scripting knowledge when it comes to mesh so any help would be appreciated. I want my own virtual pet cart ^^ as well as my own virtual motorcycle. How would I be able to get them? Are there any scripts I could use or already-made cats/motorcycles that I can find?
  4. Normally I just stand around on a map, find a group of people to chat with and get invited to a family If you have similarities with them, then join.
  5. Have you tried reinstalling viewer 2 or using a different version of the viewer?
  6. If I am not mistaken, the computer I am using right now uses geforce 9500 GT, which I am assuming is in the same range as what you are using? SL runs great on the computer I am using. Uhmm...have you tried running the game as administrator?
  7. Have you tried running a scan on your computer? Could be a virus/malware/spyware issue. Your specs seem ok and if your computer ran the same configuration before with great results, then it should stay that way. If something changed, I would assume it's a virus problem, a driver file is corrupted, or something hardware related. But definitely try running a scan.
  8. Sorry for your loss and my condolences. I'm new to Second Life but as a fellow gamer, I understand what it's like to meet people in game and meet eh person behind the avatar. Once you get to know the real person, a relationship blossoms. Seeing a good friend pass away is a feeling I could never imagine but it's a feeling I can understand. Only time can heal the pain. Now is the time to reflect upon the past and the future.
  9. Well the users in this thread have already posted enough info to cover everything that needs to be covered Would be great if LL did step up its security measures. My best advice is to never give your password to anyone and keep your credit card info secret. Keep everything hidden and in confidentiality. Run a scan on your computer and make sure no one is tracking you. I've actually had one moment in my life where fraudulent transactions were placed on to my bank account. Ended up filing a claim and got the transactions reversed. Also got me a new credit card. Did a scan on my computer
  10. Just because it's integrated doesn't mean it can be considered to be a low-end graphics/video card. The quality and realiability of the graphics won't be the best that you can get, however it will still do well. A lot of laptops can run MMO games very well. Biggest difference between laptops/netbooks and desktops laptops and netbooks have everything except the RAM and hard drive integrated/merged together and you can't upgrade anything. Best thing to do is alter your settings and update your drivers
  11. Like previous posters said. it's not the best but it should run SL on a decent level. Expect some lag but you should be able to run the game fine. If you want something that will run SL at its best, something like a nVidia GT or geForce 9000 or something in that higher up level.
  12. Just some tipcs from me Check TDR's links. Also check to see if your internet connection is stable. Try reconnection and see if that helps and clearing your cache. HOST NOT FOUND is a connection issue (correct me if I'm wrong).
  13. LMAO, I would love to see that. How exactly do they get our emails? Do they hack the server or something?
  14. A direct answer to your question: intel core 2 Duo 8 giga bytes of ram Gefore GT 335M with 1G Yes. any laptop/desktop computer with a Dual Core processor, 4+ GB ram, and a Geforce GT graphics card can run SL reallywell. Regarding Alienware, yes I agree. Alienware promotes itself as a brand name. The brand name itself is what makes its products expensive. You could find other computer with equal system specs at much cheaper prices.
  15. It's a graduate student, hence they do their own research on ANY topic that complies with their coursework. I Don't mind helping out 1. What role do virtually constructed worlds and/or avatars play in your daily life? None whatsoever. I keep my real life seperate from my "online life". The virtual world is for fun and entertainment purposes. 2. Is it important that your avatar and/or environment resemble the real world? Why or why not? Sure, I try to make my avatar and/or my environemtn reflect the real world. It feels wierd playing in a virtual world that is abstract and meaning
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