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  1. Scout Schwager wrote: How often do we see RL attitudes and roles come to SL, where the reality can be reversed. RL: pretty girls get a lot of attenion SL: most girls are pretty RL: guys will compete for girls SL: not enough guys, perhaps even less "good ones". So the SL reality is, a man who is confident, skillfully erotic, and attentive to a girl, he is the one should be getting paid. The 'attentive' part is probably the hard one, and worth the L Hahahahah I SO agree with this!!!! And really, what is that talk about financial support in SL! Get off your pixel butt and work for
  2. Anita, I know what you mean very well. I don't have a problem with saying "hello" first, but I also found that most people aren't interested in horlind the conversation after that intitian greeting. It also depends on what kind of people you are interested in, that would probably decide the place you are trying to meet them in. When I jsut started SL what helped me is to pick a place and go to it regularly, then you get to know people that come there at the same time as you, those that work and that is how friendships were made for me. If you ever want to chat, find me in world, we can have
  3. Welcome back! You know, went through the same hassle about canceling account and then getting it back, just because I didn't want to start a new one. It is awesome that LL can reopen your old name! Hope you will love SL this time around! If you still need any friends to chat with, hit me up, Diasonia Stransky in SL.
  4. Are you looking for a crazy fun, laid back, friendly place to work for. Where you aren't just another member, but a family member? Ever wanted to do what you enjoy most in SL without a bunch of rules and precautions? Then you should consider working for Twisted Aftermath! We are looking for DJs and Hosts. Music genres include: rock, gothic, industrial, ebm, dance, metal, electronic, techno, trance, top 40. Contact Hellz Bellz (bellabeauclerc) or Diasonia Stransky if you are interested.
  5. Nice place to find new people to meet and make friends. I'm Eastern time zone, but hit me up, who knows maybe we'll be online at the same time. Always happy to meet new people as well.
  6. Well music depends on the places you go, don't like music in one place, change it or turn it off. For me, I like the DJs, especially people that actually spin their own music, that make it. I've met couple of great ones and I enjoy the music they play. Yes, it is almost like listening to the radio, which I also like. I'm a music junkie, I like to pick what I'm listening to and in SL it is a very easy thing to do. But it isn't for everyone...
  7. Music is one of main reasons I still come back to SL. It is amazing that one minute you could be at a rock club, the next feel like listening to something less heavy and go to a trance club. If clubs were gone, I would be gone. There are a lot of things to do here, yes, but music is the main driver for me, for the moods of places as well.
  8. I understand completely, that is why I tried the SL viewer 2, didn't like it and still use Phoenix. I love it! It is the SL i'm used to, i loved and the profiles are proper, as they were before ))))
  9. I completely agree with Ossian, it would be a great idea if we could have an option for the names. To me, as an oldie of sort, it was part of the personality, the name that is...
  10. All they do is either make me chuckle or click the X on the chat window....But they really won't get my attention for more then a second. So to answer your question - NO, don't work.
  11. Ok, warning taken and I might skip yours then *laughs* But I usually like to check profiles when I can see an avie in world. Just to see how the profile clicks with an actual avatar...
  12. Can't answer there, I love profile perving :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  13. Every single profile type will have takers, people that would want to meet a person with that profile. I see no problems with angry or aggressive, or whatever profiles. It depends on the places you go as well...They tend to be common in some places more than others.
  14. Sad read... I also love and miss proper names. These numbers in the names bug me as well and Resident as last name, just silly.
  15. Welcome. First days it is always difficult to meet people, especially if you have an empty profile. I think if you filled it out, told about yourself, stuck a picture in there, that would be a good start and people would be more willing to chat with you. Good luck and have fun in SL!
  16. Hahahahha This is for sure one of the funnies topics! I can't believe you have accepted, but the outcome is pretty funny indeed!
  17. Sure they can work but only if you BOTH want that and start making RL plans, deciding who will go see whom and where you would live after one of you moves. Then it gets much more serious and relationship gets a huge dose or reality, if you survive that, then why not be happy in both worlds. Good luck and lots of love.
  18. Hehehe...and many relationships don't last after the wedding even a month, so there are many couples that just don't do it and spend a lot of RL $$$ on something that will not matter in a month. Hope you get all the information you need in world.
  19. Big YES to that! Finding love in SL is great, but I also think it would have been much easier to date within your city and even state. Dating sites are pretty helpful. SL isn't one of them, unless you are very lucky.
  20. No, I don't assume they are gay...guys or girls. I tend to believe the friendship between two people of the same sex is still a possibility, especially in SL. :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  21. Moving on...eh...Well, when you are having fun (what ever that fun might be), you are slowly but surely moving in the right direction to feeling much better. Wishing all the broken hearts luck with getting over the sorrows!
  22. *chuckles* Many ladies in SL would love to have a man like that, so yes, it is OK not to have pixel sex, pixel babies etc. To each their own. As long as you are happy with your choices, they are OK. Just be truthful with those that you meet and those that might want a relationship with you, from the start, so it wouldn't be a surprise later on. :matte-motes-evil:
  23. Industry plays that kind of music. But it depends on the DJ. I enjoy the same tunes from time to time there.
  24. I feel like many people got very close-up or private now, then they were before, when SL was still new. Maybe it is just me, but meeting people and actually making friends, not having random chats, was much more easier then. Then again, everything that was already said here about hobbies, common interests and places is a good way to start a conversation that might lead to a friendship. Profiles make a big difference. DOn't be afraid to show who you are, it is much easier to find someone that would be of interest that way.
  25. A lot of Jazz Ballrooms have men you are looking for. And yes, I completely agree, that it is easier to find some common ground with people closer to your age.
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