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  1. U also have tone careful bout the crazies my sissy and I had a friend who lied to us. He basically made up an Asian chick that had cancer that was his best friend in rl he claimed anI on his Facebook made up that same chick along with other people and people connected to that Asian chick. He basically took pictures from someone's Facebook for her fb and her friends fb and his fb picture etc it was insanely crazy. People are crazy -.-
  2. I need help finding a Country themed scenic place thats pretty for snapping photos. I am haeing no luck at all. :( Please help Thank you
  3. I am Trying the Mayfly Mesh eyes right now they were an older group gift they are green. and I actually love em. Im always wearing light blues though and from negaposi LOl. From there i got some crazy eyes i love to use for different looks
  4. Thx but i know how to do that lol. I just seem to run into the crazies thought there might be some new hangout spots that doesnt have many crazies or greifers lol
  5. Where are some places That i can go to To meet Friends in second life. I know I have been here for a bit but just seems everwhere is boreing nowadays. Just trying to find some new places. and would appreciate help fidning them :D Thank you.
  6. And on top of that its always the creepy morph pictures that win
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