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  1. Yay! so looking forward to this! i've been elbows deep in Halloween goodies & flying all over SL to hunt down some of the best (& affordable) things to do, places to go, & ways to get interactive in SL this Halloween. can't wait to share all my finds with you guys. and hellos to the other hosts^^ I checked out the previous Fashion Event held in the forums like this & it just seems like such a great idea to get more residents involved here. hoping to represent....! send me info inworld via note if u have anything for me to check out! 

  2. hello, i dont twitter and would still like to give LL my feedback.

    i like the hints, i think that will be excellent for beginners.

    i like the control of the UI size.

    my biggest issue now, that i would love to see improved: when i'm in Appearance edit mode, and then upload a file, i automatically exit edit mode and have to wait for the image to load and shift my inventory listings *rolls eyes*... then i have to go back into edit mode. it would be nice if things stay where i am unless i click otherwise. and the creating of new clothing/tat layers... the saving, saving copies, adding new textures... it all just takes so long and works way slower than i want to.

    thanks! i love the Viewer otherwise!

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