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The Haunted Halloween season is just around the corner — how will you celebrate?

Linden Lab



Share your favorite sims and eeriest events!

It’s that time of year again — time to get out your witch’s hats, dust off those broomsticks and don your spookiest, scariest costumes for a frightful Haunted celebration. This spooky season is a favorite in Second Life.

What are your favorite places to celebrate all things ghoulish? Are you a builder, designer, costume expert or fright fanatic? Share your insights! Get into the spirit of the season and help guide Residents to your top spooky spots.

Got a favorite fall hayride location, or an awe-inspiring apple-picking area? Post a link to the scariest sim or the most happening Halloween event locale. Share your frightening favorites — and all the autumn awesomeness! — in the comments section.

Get excited!




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I have the haunted monastery of St. Thaddeus in Tethys which you can visit here:


Tethys is really a unique old Linden-made mainland sim which has among the highest baked-in mountains in SL and a really cool tube ride on the rapids made by ancient Lindens in 2003.

I worked really hard on making this monastery last Halloween, and I had help from various friends like Fleep Tuque. I have the potions maker there which is really fun.

I recently bought the land next to it so I have more prims -- and now I'm looking for more ideas to decorate this year, send me your suggestions.

This is part of the SL Public Land Preserve.

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The Haunted Manor is my first attempt at a Haunted House in SL.  It is not a private Sim but  It's a large lot with several areas of interest to explore.  

The Manor itself has a basement, main floor, second floor, and an attic. You can even climb up onto the roof.  There is a back door exit from the kitchen on the main floor leading out to the rear exterior where one can find a small graveyard and haunted pool.  

There are also many interactive elements to be touched, bumped into, walked on, and sat upon. So explore everything.

Of course a Midnight Sun Setting is recommended and one should remove as many scripted attachments as possible in order to improve performance. 

So come on down and let me know what you think and have a Safe and Spooky Halloween!

See you there!


The Haunted Manor

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Its our 5th Annual HALLOWEEN TRAIL!  October 1st  thru November 5th. Over 30 interactive spooky displays and haunts across 10 regions. Several are one-of-a-kind original works you won't find in stores. Hike, bicycle, ride, fly, or TP along the autumn roads and trails of Aero Pines Park for spooky goofy fun and frolic.

Visit our Halloween Supplies & Costumes Shop  for decorating your house or sim. See our large selection of costumes and load up for all those parties in October.

Join us weekly for our Harvest Time Concert Series featuring LIVE performances such as the FOLLOW and other artists TBA. Also experience our spectacular multimedia tribute shows near  the corn maze and pumpkin patch.

Our Park Rangers are working daily on the installations as we get close to OPENING DAY October 1st!

The Halloween Trail is most fun if you come with friends or family. Most can't see it all in one day, which is why we host it for five weeks. So there's no excuse for missing out!


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Coming this Halloween from the creators of Cutting Class, Nightmare Eden and DIVE one of the most frightening and realistic fear experiences you will have in Second Life. Enter a world where Reality TV is not what it seems and Terror is just a Video away. You are the contestant in this Fall's hit Reality Competition Show and you're guaranteed to get famous. But what will you have to do to stay alive? This may be the final cut and we hope you're ready for your close up.

The Flesh Game coming this October to the Pulse/Snatch City & Nomine sims. A fully realised completely immersive survival horror game with prizes from some of

SL's best alternative designers. Bring your friends! Opens October 12th!


The Flesh Game Teaser Pic-Slaughterhouse SM.jpg

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This year's Halloween special at Grim Bros. /Low prim &  Grim features two flavours of Halloween: "scary and weird" (blood stains! mystery meat! mad scientist organ playing!) and also "harmless and weird"(skullbunnehs! shrooms of doom! carousel of certainly-not-death!). This means you can pick whether you prefer cute, cartoonish, happy and colourful Halloween deco (turn right upon arrival) or something sinister (turn left upon arrival, follow zombies, find out that the zombies have no idea where they are going, drop zombie-following plan, instead go to house, enter)

Pop by to ride the carousel, find some hidden freebies, win apple bobbin' prizes, bump into zombies, or play the mad scientist's organ while taking a picture for the family album.

If you want to pop by, here's your flight plan:

Halloween Special

By the way, her's a look at the "harmless and weird" part of the area.

halloween special 2011_2.jpg



PS: Thanks to Martin Ren who provided the wicked architecture for our big Haunted House!

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Curious Kitties Autumn Festival

Curious Kitties Autumn Festival ::  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Curious%20Kitties/129/128/22

*Limited Edition*
Curious Kitties Autumn Festival Offers:

 - CHEAPIES ( L$1 ~ L$10 )
....Updated regularly!

=^.^= Limited Edition Quality Halloween & Autumn items to celebrate the Autumn Season!

Once again "Curious Kitties Shop" has set up its exclusive limited time only Autumn Season event!
There are TONS of Autumn & Halloween themed free items, gifts, events & new mesh releases (its a new feature, so please note these require a mesh enabled viewer!)
Also, all old Halloween items from 2006~2010 are set up again so if you missed it last year be sure to check it out this time around!

*Please note: 99.9% of Curious Kitties *new* releases (including the new Autumn & Halloween limited edition items) are MESH, so if you do not use a mesh enabled viewer please be sure to read the sign - it will say "mesh" on the item if it is mesh. =^.^=


Official Halloween Blog:

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" Got a favorite fall hayride location, or an awe-inspiring apple-picking area? Post a link to the scariest sim or the most happening Halloween event..."

With all do repect, I don't think this thread should be used to promote retail items. As stated above, It's all about Halloween Haunts and Events - A retail sale associated to Halloween is not a Halloween Event...

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By this post,
We would like to send a BIG  thank you! to all our awesome customers, all "A Haunted Manor" visitors, all nice quotes in their blogs, all the friends who supported our project. 
A friendly thanks to fleur2sable Tracy,

 a brillant and talented machinima artist  for her video.And thank you to Gabby Linden, for her visit at our first location.
You are still welcome to visit us before October 31st.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River%20Harbour/154/230/21

Thank you.jpg

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We, at the London City estates, are in the construction phase of one of the real life Londons most haunted (and popular) attractions...The London City Dungeon! This massive attraction is based on the real life dungeons and will feature a recreation of the front of the building plus 9 different horrificlly haunted and thrilling rooms to explore! London City will also be decorated for the season with some eery suprises around every corner....from OCTOBER 1st...don't miss it!


London City Dungeon

London City Regents Park, Soho, West End and South Bank

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The ghosts are always watching you in this fun, interactive haunted house. Many objects in the house are interactive. Try clicking on or sitting on various objects in the house for fun times! Many other items are triggered just by your presence. Don't forget to check out the basement and see if you can find the hidden laboratory! Search the house for hidden Halloween freebies too. Have fun exploring this spooky place!


Interactive Haunted House.jpg

Interactive Haunted House 2

Interactive Haunted House 3

Interactive Haunted House 4.jpg

 Visit the Spooky Interactive Haunted House ::


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At DarkDharma Haunted Manor "Hell Season", a strange wind moans eerily through the trees as you journey into dark regions and notice some things that are not easily explained. Strange apparitions, foul smells, horrific sounds and rumors of ghastly happenings in the dark bowels of the building. What IS that screaming below and what IS that lurking in the attic? In existence since 2006, but renovated and updated this season with an entire new area, new and updated items, and a new freebie hunt, the house has four levels which are packed with SPOOKY! Also featuring DarkDharma's Halloween avatars! Enter this highly interactive Haunted Manor if you dare and discover its secrets--Open ALL YEAR!

SLURL to DarkDharma Haunted Manor "Hell Season"

darkdharma haunted manor.jpg


zombie bride and groom.jpg


ghostly tea party.jpg


doorway to spider hell.jpg


spider hell.jpg

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I'd like to recommend the strictly adults-only horrors of a new SL haunted house, Hell House:


Be sure to have your sounds on as you fully explore the mansion's many rooms, including chapel, library, theatre, sauna room, ballroom, and bedrooms. The build and many of its illusions are inspired by the classic horror novel "Hell House", by Richard Matheson, but you don't need to know the book to enjoy the Second Life scares, or be disturbed by the unnerving atmosphere...

With its baroque and decadent decor, Hell House stands out as something different amongst SL's haunted attractions. As I said, it's adults-only, and some rooms contain sexually explicit imagery. (It should go without saying that a haunted house includes violent and disturbing imagery as well...)




See pictures on Snapzilla: http://www.sluniverse.com/pics/AlbumView.aspx?id=3648


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our store, [ LuNi ] has always been part of the creepy side of second life. since inception we have enjoyed creating spooky content for the grid, from costumes, to makeup/skins, to items that inspire fear. being a real life makeup artist for a haunted house for several years, i have endevored to bring a bit of that love of horror movie makeup to my creations, and though we are unable to really go all out this year for halloween due to real life, i hope you will stop by and check out our items for your upcomming costume needs!


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Feeling dark and gothic? Come on by the region of Besiope and explore Isiris Mausoleum, a haunted, psychotic journey through the myth of death itself. 

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Crimson clouds danced ever wary, o'vr the "Poe House" fun and scary. Now and through Halloween, come enjoy this poetic puzzle place in the Romantic Times region.

Crimson Clouds Over Romantic Times.jpg

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2011 Menagerie Isle Haunted House Sign.jpg

The annual Menagerie Isle Haunted House is open early (SLurl). Come explore the home of Madam Jane, the world's spookiest fortune teller, then "drop into" the basement for the Dark Ride through several chilling levels of frights. Beware, there be pirates this year!

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Halloween Poster V2-1.jpg

Join the Dead Dolls and The Eldergoth Macabre for the Halloween Tales of Terror Hunt. Start at Suicide City and work your way through multiple sims as you follow each tale of terror to collect books in our spooky scavenger hunt!  Stop by our starting location at Suicide City or head to suicidedolls.net for more information!

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