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  1. Ladies, thank you ever so much for your prompt responses!! Whirly, that was the problem. Don't remember ever seeing that option before. Again, thanks so much.
  2. When I go into appearance/edit shape, there are only the body titles, the pictures have disappeared. I have no idea how this happened or how to get them back. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Not surprised by this price increase. Still cheap entertainment in my opinion.
  4. Good idea for the tp point, moira. Thanks!! I've done just that, tp point on the edge.
  5. Maybe make the home invisible? lol Will see if the Connover orb is still available.
  6. All I'd like is to be able to have our time without worrying about someone just wandering in when we're home. I don't care when the home is empty. Would be a great thing if they could implement a shield or something to put up when the home is occupied.
  7. My concern now, after having five individuals walk into my home, at different times, and get right into my face is, how in the world is a person supposed to feel safe and comfortable if they want to spend an evening at home with their significant other? Anybody can just come in. Sure, if I notice them, I can eject or eject/ban, but always having to be on the lookout for these kinds of people just isn't cool. In rl people can't just walk into your home uninvited. I think banlines are horrible, but some way of keeping people out when you're home would be great.
  8. Ohhhh, thanks so much for that info! Was so flustered at that time didn't think of right click/eject!! Thanks again!!
  9. I have one issue with the security orb. I was at home, in my kitchen and people came in, got right in my face and stayed until they were either ejected by the system or just before. This happened twice the other day. Totally inappropriate. I think there should be a setting where, if you're home and this kind of situation happens, you should be able to manually eject them. Naturally I have banned all five avatars, but what if that happens again?
  10. Disappearing right hand is happening again in 2017. LOL
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