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  1. I didn't say, LL was going to give the money............I said, the hackers..........re-read what I wrote, kay?
  2. If its a hacker attack.....why can't they do something that's at least cool for everyone......like when we all login we each have million linden or something ( ~_~)...but, nuuuuuu they just want to make sure we can't get inworld. P.S. When I talked about lindens...........I meant the Hackers NOT LL. (rolls eyes)
  3. Log in Problems here too. I think everyone show stop trying to log in for about ten minutes......We might be overloading the system, if there is in fact a system problem. You know?
  4. My biggest question is, Why on earth would anyone DDOS a virtual reality game? Is life that boring, you have to attack a game?
  5. Keeping rumors aside....does anyone know why this is happening?
  6. I hope it will all be fixed by tomorrow...I have building to do. ( T_T)
  7. My whole body is gray, my Ao hud disappeared from my screen...and I can't pick up what I put down (I got that asset server too) Never had this happen before in all the years I've been in SL...........what the heck is going on?
  8. I'm not sure if this comment belongs here...but I've had V2 for a good while now...after the latest update...I can't get my search screen to work inworld hardly at all now. Including checking for places to go, and profiles...*sighs* Thanks Umeko
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