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  1. I didn't say, LL was going to give the money............I said, the hackers..........re-read what I wrote, kay?
  2. If its a hacker attack.....why can't they do something that's at least cool for everyone......like when we all login we each have million linden or something ( ~_~)...but, nuuuuuu they just want to make sure we can't get inworld. P.S. When I talked about lindens...........I meant the Hackers NOT LL. (rolls eyes)
  3. Log in Problems here too. I think everyone show stop trying to log in for about ten minutes......We might be overloading the system, if there is in fact a system problem. You know?
  4. My biggest question is, Why on earth would anyone DDOS a virtual reality game? Is life that boring, you have to attack a game?
  5. Keeping rumors aside....does anyone know why this is happening?
  6. I hope it will all be fixed by tomorrow...I have building to do. ( T_T)
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