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  1. *edited for singling out for negative commentary*
  2. I don't attend clubs in SL any longer. Thank Redzone and the other data miners, thank the lindens for allowing the activity even to this day, thank clubs like Gol Element 8 for using Redzone. Greenzone no longer has a detection there, but someone needs to go by there with the new patch and see if they get any suspicious media requests. Most are merely hiding Rz or using another like alts pro that can not be detected. This will be the death of SL and its economy (especially the music economy) if LL doesn't ban these devices and remove them from the grid. The RZ HUD is still out there being worn
  3. Congrats on trying to fix the ONE thing in all of this that was really important: Sim crossings. As for the rest of the "stuff" that requires viewer 2 to use, I just could care less. It's all money wasted. Glitter; no meat. I won't use Viewer 2 no matter what types of "new capabilities" you try to force into it in order to get us to switch. It's just that awful. If LL had taken all the money they wasted on viewer 2 and it's voice morph,lag on a prim,group limit increases,display names..etc etc...and put it towards making SL work, this would be a fantastic place by now. Viewer 1.xx and the no
  4. Second Life is an immersive, pluralistic, international, New World virtual country. As such, it is 10 years ahead of the market. Think Windows 3.0 or Netscape Navigator or even cellphones. All were considered niche products when they first came out. Because Linden Lab cannot grasp this concept, the company has been trying to convert Second Life into a 3D Facebook, a virtual Disneyland, a corporate conferencing system, a virtual schoolroom and now a teen chatroom. All attempts to turn an apple into an orange have failed. The apple is now starting to rot. Rod this is the core problem that SL
  5. Basic members. 80% of that population are alts for accounts that already exist as paying or unpaying members. The fasted and esiest way to get rid of them is to not allow a basic member to have retained inventory or rez an object anywhere but an SL sanbox. No inventory, lower storage demand on the servers. No ability to rez anywhere and there is less debris scattered all across the grid and malicious scripted objects that take down sims drop by 90%. The simple truth is, and SL can verify this, if you are not a paying account with 30 days of coming here, you never will be. --posted by galileo
  6. Welcome. One thing I hope you will do in your explorations is FLY AN AEROPLANE. Do some high speed descending turns at altitude and then pull the nose up slowly...and feel yourself suddenly sucked under the sea (or into outer space) as the server loses your vehicle and avatar. You will learn first hand about the hoplessness of sim crossings, lag, the mess that mainland is, and the other limitations of vehicle use in SL, which will also illuminate the basic things that are broken. FIX THE GRID. MAKE IT WORK. Nobody asked for mesh, viewer 2, media on a prim, voice morphing, new marketplace...we
  7. the Most stupid idea ever...the end of SL It very well may be the end of SL as you said. What kind of fun can adults now have when they are afraid to speak to anyone who IMs them? SL will become further compartmentalised and people will further isolate themselves. This will destroy the grid. Yes, there are teens here now I speculate that have bypassed the rules; however, these teens do not present the legal risk to adults that the professed and legally present teens will. It's over, unless you enjoy living locked in a cave on your own sim and never speaking to anyone new unless they are st
  8. Ohhhhh look, someone else who thinks the ENTIRE second life economy revolves around LESS than 10% of the grid members. The vast buik of the inflow of cash comes from the basic members like myself who co-own sims rented from other members. Look at the majority of the big clothing manufacturers and builders...again, basic accounts. Tell ya what, we'll just all leave, cause according to you, LL would survive just fine on premium members only...LMAO! ---victor Great post Victor!!! ya beat me to it. Very tired of the elitists who think because they pay 72/year, that they are the financial b
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