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  1. Well Miss Anneli i myself have a severe disability affecting my bones so i would consider myself as one of those counted in the 20% although my condition is rare affecting around 50,000 in the uk alone but those numbers are unconfirmed, i use sl as a getaway from the constant pain im in and able to do things in SL i cannot do in RL such as being a sub in SL which i cannot do in RL due to mobility constraints SL is more than just a game to me it is a world without physical pain,  myself and my Mistress were going to look into the non profit organisation side of sl to set up a virtual area for promoting the charity we are both members of for my condition in the uk, alas with the land pricing changes this has now had to put on the back burner as we would be funding this personally with the charities consent...i fear this will cause alot of non profit and educational providers to leave SL and leave those that depend on their help and assitance in the dark, SL is basically flaunting the disability laws that are in place in RL by goverments by forcing certain organisations to fall in line with every other business i am sure this would not happen in RL cause the general public would be up in arms about it.

    Just my two pence worth on the subject of disabled peeps in sl

    I think i've waffled on far to much now *smiles* so im going to poof now


  2. I have very little to say except that its the worst idea i have ever heard, the whole idea of discounting for education and charitie/non profit organisations is for the benefit of the users not the companies that are getting the discount, i fear this is going to harm the end user and not LL in the long run and it will ultimately as mentioned earlier see alot of these sort of companies leaving very quick as they cannot afford the full rates that LL expect them to pay...poor business move on LL behalf thats for sure

    I never thought i would say it but it feels like SL is going down the pan quicker than a ....well i won't use the term here use your imagination


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