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  1. Morgaine Christensen wrote: I am not a PS technical expert, but why are you merging the layers down? Have you tried just saving the texture as a .png/.tga and not merging the layers? Did you rasterize the the text layer? Yeah I rasterized the layer, and as far as i can recall you need to merge the layers down to pass them onto the material layer, but its when they go onto the material layer that they become blured and all well...cr*p
  2. Hi all, I am trying to use the female_av.obj in photoshop to wrap a textual tattoo around the body/torso only when i merge the text layer down it goes all haywire and blured and well cr*p to be polite...i am sure i am doing something wrong i just can't think what it is, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. thankyou in advance, Debbi
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping im asking this question in the right place :matte-motes-bashful-cute: I have seen hairline tattoo's on the marketplace and I'm curious if anyone has an idea how these are made, as I bought a nice mohawk with bald sides and would love to make some hairline tattoo's for myself rather than having to buy them...plus then i can choose what colour i have hehe heres a link to an item on the marketplace to give you an idea of what i am talking about cause i know hairline tattoo is pretty vague.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DeeTaleZ-Hair-shaved-Tattoo-chess/1705625 Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me :) Sub Debbi Demina - proudly owned by Mistress Taliah Thane
  4. Oh really dumb question...how do ya find/get into the Linden realms lol:matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  5. I might give it a bash...if the lag doesn't kill me...metaphorically speaking lol
  6. Thanks Miss Nefertiti, I managed to do it with a similar font...not exactly the same the person said she didn't mind if it wasn't the same just had to be similar or look good lol...but those are some pretty good choices you highlighted for me p.s once i've shown the customer the work i'll post it here for you all to see what i did so you can see what all the fuss was about too lol
  7. /me smiles "Thanks for the tip Miss Valerie, Illustrator scares me though lol...I have it but never used it...one of these days i will try and tame the beast.
  8. /me smiles "thankyou Miss Valerie, i will try using that see what the person who wants it says it is quite a close match
  9. Hi Miss Lyra, thanks but yeah i checked dafont trouble is i have no idea what to use as a search term...brush fonts, rough fonts, script fonts all of those don't rurn anything similar or remotely close *sighs*
  10. Hey all someone has asked me to do some work for them and they wish me to use a font that i have no idea where to find it from or whats its even called or anything remotely similar...(see picture bellow) even if its not the same it would do if theres a similar font out there. Thanks, Debbi x
  11. Hi all, I have been commisioned to make some whip marks...for the body and upper legs area you can imagine what part lol...I am wracking my brain on how to go about these and wondered if anyone knew of some good photoshop brushes that would give this effect...i have scoured deviant art but not much comes up *sigh* Any help would be great. Thankyou all Debbi x
  12. I found out how to turn off the anti-aliasing lol...
  13. thanks WADE1 just one question...how do i turn off anti aliasing lol...
  14. well now i pricked your curiosity hehe i'll ask the question, I have been asked to make a really tiny tattoo but they want it as a romantic font...and i am wondering what is a good font that shows non blurry or as little blur as possible...any help would be great. thank you in advance :) Debbi x
  15. hi all, I read somewhere that you could use autodesk Mudbox to create skins and make tattoo's layer them on a 3d model, has anyone had any luck with this as i am totally lost as how to even begin with it... thanks Debbi x
  16. Hiya everyone, thanks for all the replies, I didn't think it was possible but thought it better to seek the proffesionals advice ;-) I know that phoenix doesn't support multiple clothing layers, but firestorm does its just converting customers to use it hehe for now i guess i will go down the route of using the clothing layers, i did warn her that it might be the way to go, but I will also as her if she knows if her make up is modifiable as that could work too... thankyou all once again for your excellent answers Debbi x
  17. Hi all, I have someone wishing for a tattoo to be made but i have a dilema they use the tattoo layer for makeup and use phoenix which doesn't support multiple clothing layers, soooo I was curious can you make a tattoo/texture and place it on the alpha layer and if so how...or how is it best done i should say... Thanks in advance. Debbi x
  18. Hi Void thanks for the reply, how do i go about lightening the RGB then...i have always used the transparency and fill never lightend anything with the rgb settings...so im totally stumped lol im using PS CS5 right now... Thanks again, Debbi x Void Singer wrote: if you are using opacity to control the lightness/darkenss then that might be the problem (I'm assuming when saving as TGA you have a separate alpha channel specified since it's not completely covering the skin, just the tatto itself is showing up too dark) the reason being that partially transparent layers blend the same way that "color to target" works, by taking the underlying layer rgb, and moving those values towards the overlying values by a percentage equal to the opacity of the overlying layer. this is going to be consistently darker than you expect if your background for the original is white. instead you would want to lighten the rgb of the tattoo image, and only deal with partial transparents at the antialised edges of your tatto (so that it looks naturally applied).... you could still do a partial transparency for the tatto, but it's going to need to be much more transparent, and this is going to affect how it looks different across different skins.
  19. Hi All yet another tattoo related question from me lol I have been trying for days to make a tattoo appear faded sort of like a faded black...i have changed the opacity within photoshop, changed the fill option of the layer and it looks fine in PS yet when i load it to SL (temp load thankgod) it appears as solid black...is it needed to be saved as TGA or can i get away with PNG? Hope your all well and someone can help me with this problem lol Thanks in advance, Debbi x
  20. cool thats cured that little curiousity that i had lol...now for the next one...hmm i wonder when thats gonna pop up in my brain...hopefully not for a few days now, thankyou for the replies Linda Brynner and Void Singer, very informative Thankyou once again, Debbi x
  21. Regarding Robins tutorial, is there or does anyone know of a way that you can wrap textures/paintbrush layers around the legs, arms and body without it going wonky...i've watched robins video tutorial about 5 times and unless im missing something it doesn't cover that point...and its frustrating me no end now lol thanks Debbi x
  22. Hi all, I was wondering is it possible to use the alpha layer (clothing layer in secondlife) to actually apply a tattoo as opposed to using the tattoo layer, I'm just curious as someone yesterday told me their tattoo was on the alpha layer and well I've never used the alpha layers and just wondered if anyone could advise me on the use of the alpha layers. Thanks, Debbi x
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