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  1. I find it rather funny, that XStreet should be responsible for the LindeX decline. And what an incident, that it came with the layoffs;) I rather think it was kind of a panic. People sold their assets, since they were uncertain about SLs future when the layoffs and the departure of the CEO were announced. I am happy that the prices are stable now, though on a higher level than before. There has been a lot of shifting in the market as well. In my case for example, I get almost no traffic in my inworld store anymore. Traffic from classifieds dropped by 80%. At the same time sales at XStreet increased by a much larger amount. I make more money than before with my products, though almost all from XStreet now. The Internet certainly is much better in visualising information in many cases and I think for the future the Internet needs to be even more present in SL, not only through XStreet. At the same time 3D and hopefully Second Life will be more present in the Internet (WebGL?). I am still very optimistic for the future and hope we all together, the lindens and the residents/content creators will succeed.
  2. it is a percentage: https://secure-web36.secondlife.com/my/lindex/describe-transaction-fees.php, so it doesn´t matter how much you sell. I mostly sell at 260 ld/usd or 259 ld/usd.
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