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  1. OK, I did some further testing with 2 friends and I am pretty sure now that it is a problem with the Vista Animations HUD. When it is turned on, no gun animation is working, that is fine, but when it is turned off, the legs don´t move when walking around in mouselock. Maybe the script does not stop all AO animations when it is turned off. So when I detach the AO completly, the walk and gun animations work like they are supposed to.
  2. After further testing I have the strong impression, that this may be related to the Vista Animations HUD. It is turned off, but maybe doesn´t stop all related animations appropriatly when being turned off. When wearing a very basic standard avatar, there are no problems. Now another question. When uploading an animation, I can just set a global priority. Is it possible to set the priority just for specific body parts?
  3. Hello, maybe somebody can help me. I built a gun. When attached, the script asks for permissions and then starts the "hold_R_handgun" animation. That is an internal linden animation and it is automatically replaced by "aim_r_handgun" in mouselock. Now while being in mouselock and walking around, the walk animation does not play anymore. The legs just don´t move while the avatar is moving. What did I do wrong and how can I fix this?
  4. https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using?hl=de-DE
  5. Funktioniert. Es scheint ein Problem mit Vodafone zu sein, also deren DNS Server. Man kann den DNS Server lokal unter Windows ändern. Dazu geht man in die Eigenschaften des Netzwerk und IP4 und kann dort z.B. Googles DNS Server eingeben. Die Adresse ist
  6. I keep recieving complaints from people that cannot load my group anymore. So I went testing it. I am currently on a Magnum Sim and trying to load a group with 10.500 members and it does not work at all. The memberlist shows just "No match". I am using the current Beta Viewer 3.4.1. I tried the same with Phoenix and got the same result. With the Development viewer the group memberlist loads. Are other viewers than the Dev-Viewer completly blocked from being able to load large memberlists on Magnum? Is this on purpose? Can they still send notices? Will Phoenix support the large group loading when it comes to the main channel? I don´t think this is a good idea if this is on purpose. This would actually be worse then before. Can´t you set it so the new viewer always loads groups via HTTP and the other viewers still work as they did before?
  7. The memberlist seems to load completly. I sent out a notice to a 11.000 member group and it worked. The only problem that I see for now is the group name does not load. It shows just "Loading..." - for large and small groups. The owner just shows "(nobody)".
  8. I want to display a texture that a customer drops in my product inventory automatically on a website. Is that possible by only knowing the texture UUID? I found a way to load profile or parcel pics, but is there a way to do that for any texture?
  9. It helps when you go to Preferences -> Graphics, click the Hardware-Button and disable "OpenGL Vertex Buffer Objects".
  10. Thank you, that link is very helpful. I had problems with my former 2 ATI cards as well. It is clearly related to the driver. Sometimes I get a lot of speed and then with a new diver it drops to almost nothing.
  11. Greetings! I thought I had a pretty fast computer: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor, 4GB RAM and a new ATI Radeon HD 6850 graphics card. I am using the latest viewer 3.2.4. When I got the graphics card, I used to have 40-60 FPS, but then it started getting slower and slower. Especially the driver from last summer till today made my FPS drop to almost 0, which is why I didn´t install them. Now I got the newest Catalyst driver and found out that disabling VBO in the SL hardware settings increases the performance to unbelievable fast 10 FPS. Still that is significantly lower than when I bought the card about a year ago. Am I the only one that has problems? Any tips on improving performance?
  12. I like this game very much. I played it for hours and had a blast. But I had some problems getting started. The HUD did not load for me and other residents, but LR Linden fixed it. I can´t wait to use the new features for my own games, especially the automatically loading HUD could be very useful. I think LL is on the right path, when they support game development inside Second Life. I just hope, the Lindens don´t try to compete with the resident content creators, because that would be the end of Second Life. I know that there are many new features comming up and I am very excited to use them. Just one problem bothers me and that is the rather high price for land, which will make it very difficult for residents to build games like Linden Realms. Maybe there could be a special discount for popular gaming sims or even a special high end sim so lag won´t be a problem.
  13. I am building a new product which handles money. That is why I want to protect it from bots. Some products in SL just ask a simple question via dialog box to identify a human. Is that enough or can bots understand dialog boxes and answer them?
  14. I was just talking a few days ago about how great a location sharing feature would be. And here we got it. Thank you very much, Lindens:) I love the webprofiles very much. The only problem is, that it is all so hidden. To share my location I have to click the sidebar, open the profile, click the Home-button and then I don´t even see the location sharing button if I don´t click the text field. That is not good. Please position it more prominantly in the viewer. How about a location sharing button in the navigation bar? Or how about a new sidebar tab which opens a big webbased dashboard, where I can post updates, share my location and see what my friends are doing. And while we are there. How about an inworld interface to SL Answers, also a brilliant tool that is very hard to find and that most people even don´t know about at all. I would love to help other people by answering questions, but I am just too lazy to navigate there on the webpage. Please make it easier and more accessible.
  15. Webprofiles are slow. Maybe it would be an idea to show a summary in the sidebar and the extended version in the web. The other long expected bug fix is the update of the Linden Dollar Display. It is not very intuitive when I need to click it to refresh after I e.g. sold some money. I hope that is not the final solution. The other bug fix that I was waiting for is the "???" that is showing instead of display names often. On first sight it seems to be fixed, but I had to turn the display names off again anyway, because it is a pain loading the member list of my group, which takes minutes with display names enabled (10.000 members), including serveral black sceens. You have done better, Lindens. Maybe it is time to hire some good developers after all the layoffs.
  16. Thank you FJ, great work. I would love to read more often about technology improvements. You know, when the Lindens don´t communicate with us residents more often, there is always a lot of speculation in the other blogs. And they are often rather negative. So it would help building confidence in the platform. Besides, group chat is important, but MUCH MUCH more important is to finally fix IMs. IMs are always capped when I am offline and I miss important messages. People keep sending notecards now instead of IMs, which is kind of ridiculous. Also the Display Names are often showing like "???".
  17. Welcome Rod! Your background sounds very promising and you could be just the right person for the CEO position. Whether it is games, rl business collaboration, education, a place to meet people from all over the world or live music. The Second Life residents will build the best content if you and LL provide a great, feature rich, fast platform. I hope you have a lot of free time during christmas to explore SL and discover the great diversity in user created content. Don´t forget to make yourself familiar with the OpenSim project. It could play an important role in your vision of SLs future.
  18. I seem to have a problem with the IM log. All old entries are gone inworld, though they are still in the text file on the harddrive. new entries sometimes are saved and sometimes just disappear. I noticed that there is a log file for the display name and another one for the user name. Does anybody else have problems with the logs?
  19. I have about 500 people on my friends list. The reason is that most are customers of my business. With display names, they suddenly appear under a different name on the friendslist and I don´t find them anymore. It would be helpful if the username would appear on the friendslist too. Besides I noticed a significant increase in crashes. The performance goes down to almost 0 when loading a large group (9000 members) and the screen keeps turning black serveral times for about 10 sec. I am not against display names, but the performance of the viewer regarding groups and crashes is far worse than the last one.
  20. Thank you for the tutorial, but I am missing some basic information on how an AO can be created or how it works. After all, Second Life is about user created content and not just shopping.
  21. I am just updating my products on the new marketplace. I bought a category featured enhancement, but the product itself is not highlighted in the listing anymore. I liked that feature before and had the feeling that it increased sales, while I don´t think that the pure category featured will have the same effect, since it is often hard to categorize an item. Let´s take a rental box for example. Which category would you search in? Most people probably just enter a search query. It would now be helpful to have the ability to highlight the item or have a featured display for the search query, instead of the category.
  22. This is really exciting. I just started building a new inworld game and Mesh would be perfect for this. Mesh could be the big turnaround for SL. Tons of new content and developers. I guess I will start learning Blender now. Will the prim limit be lifted completly and will there be another limitation instead?
  23. Life is change. The day you stop changing, you are dead.
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