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  1. Let me quote myself "Stop being a D**k, if your not helping why comment. Are you that needy you need to be heard? Get a real job and leave the actual job to a host. Thanks.
  2. I already went to a SIM in SL one of the most popular ones in SL and i have a few old Mods tell me that they did use it in the past. I was asked to make an alt to see if I could get into the one i was banned in for exposing this and no sooner had i made 4 alts i was banned before even hitting the sim so you go figure. strange but true. i also found out that some sims can still use the scripts. I also know of a few people who were selling info from logging IP- got CC numbers, work numbers, and all. trust me, if they want to blackball you, they can. I'm sure this is being logged right now as we
  3. Odessa sim is a new combat romance sexy sim that just popped up on the grid. combining many groups into one sim its divided into 2 parts. combat roleplay and the rest clubs, longes, spa and an amazing beach! check it out.! Odessa City 2080 sim.
  4. try my sim Odessa City. we hire dancers and looking for roleplayers. we just opened up.. but our groups in business since 2010. ask for Syrena,
  5. The year 2080 NYC, many environmental issues and climate change have a few places left standing. one happens to be a piece of New York. its a city of whatever works and fulll of creatures, hybrids humans and the like. anything goes ....but on the other side...beaches like Tahiti........the warm seas and strange artifacts have washed up, as well as creatures, gardens and beautiful sands... there is much to do, clubbing, bars, a city full of places ot chill and work, crime is prevalent, and places to watch movies, news, social media, dance floors, dock gardens, 20 sex floors, designs in mesh and
  6. First off, I know.. I know nothing for a bit, I had ceased writing for a time. Good and bad things have happened but today I’m going to say what most won’t say in SL. People in time have taught me so many things but none prepared me for the day we might actually have a virtual second life. In the 1980’s I swear I was playing with the mouse on an Apple computer with an icon turtle, and BAM! Hello SL. See we have come a long way. Or have we? People don’t ever fail to not impress me, I guess cause I’m pessimistic at times and while experiences teach us things in life I feel I must prepare
  7. this is the legendary iggs. well in roleplay. ""to walk in his shoes is a matter of mind because there is only one Iggs. a solitary mind of an ingenious sort.. of an embellished madman" quoted.©- me. i adore him. used a sepia color to define the pic cause i wanted a classic used feel but modern. enjoy
  8. Hello! So you have found us! Diamond Bay and Little Odessa Urban Rp and Combat sim. Osiris meter. Based around NYC’s Little Odessa with the Twin Towers with a taste of urban grunge mixed in. This is a dual sim: 1 estate owned by 1 person. So…we decided to combine a great beach and city for you….with everything you could ever want or need inside. Little Odessa was built from the mind of one woman, for one man out of love by a few greats. DIAMOND BAY includes gorgeous beach areas, bungalows, sunbathing, an Aussie pub and hammocks. She has a gorgeous sunset in the evening and movies pl
  10. Ok..ok so we have a RL. Maybe we just wanted a time for ourselves to avoid the kids, the barfing cat, the screaming creditors, the spilled milk on the floor and the worms your kids put in the living room couch. The husband or bf who thinks that folding laundry is a women’s job and thinks a full course meal is hot dogs in the microwave or Pizza from Dominos. Yes yes….we KNOW. There are some people who simply cannot have it all. We get angry and jealous over stupid things, we act out. We look around at our lives and look at others walking past and think “She or he is so lucky . T
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