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  1. You're right. Strictly in technical terms, Sansar is better than SL in almost every way, but it's so sterile. SL is more fun and people would put serious money into it because of the freedom it allows.
  2. Hi, This isn't a question about poor performance, but on the contrary. In not too many words, I have an i7-6700k and GTX 1080, so I have no performance problems to speak of. I recently bought a 144hz monitor and I'd like to see what I can do with Second Life and to see how many frames I can get out of it per second. Are there any commands or configs that I should know of?
  3. Hey all, I recently discovered that a sim which some of my friends go to is exhibiting behavior which suggests that it's using the RedZone IP tracker. This is a serious privacy issue which vexes my friends and the last I checked, RedZone isn't allowed. How do I report this?
  4. My extensive rolodex within and outside of SL indicates otherwise. Welcome to The Red Pill.
  5. Plot twist: I'm not married. Also, you aren't making any sense here. Do you even English?
  6. OP was juuuust looking for a "female" below 30. And now wants a sibling above 30? Not sure if trolling.
  7. Color me interested. Please feel free to add me on your main and drop in a NC.
  8. I can understand how OP feels like, because I was like OP years ago. Despite what most women want to think about themselves, they crave for the self-assured man who knows what he wants, won't take no for an answer and gets what he wants. Granted, I'm not saying that all women are that way, but we have to recognize SL for what it is: it is an escape and a fantasy. That places a significant majority of women who log in to SL as those who seek an escape and desire the attention of a man who is generally regarded as a womanizing scumbag in real life. That is the reality of SL. I'm a womanizer i
  9. Seconded to the OP's question. I liked Chamber Society, and I liked going to Turtle Coast. The crowd generally had good avis and had folks who could string sentences together competently. But Chamber Society began to be filled with non-roleplayers, and the crowd at Turtle Coast became more interested in dancing and playing truthball games instead of getting down to business. Are there any newer sims which attract quality people?
  10. I am not a lawyer, but to be knowledge, the theft of your image is not legally enforceable. Your best way to sort this out is to speak to the editor of this magazine directly and ask what is going on.
  11. I might volunteer some of my time, but I'd need to see some proof that you're the real deal from HBO.
  12. This was a fresh install to my PC with no pre-existing viewers. I installed the default Viewer 2.0 and there was an error message which popped up demanding me to fix slplugin.exe. I wasn't able to get past the TOS wall until I downloaded Radegast to get past it, and when I entered I couldn't conduct Searches, could not see profiles. I'm basically handicapped now. Can someone please help me out with this? I have Windows Firewall off now, and Microsoft Security Essentials is off, too. I've also tried to set slplugin.exe to Win95 Compatibility but doesn't seem to have helped with anything.
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