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  1. Thank you, I will most definitely do that!
  2. I have found that the best place to look for free or cheap clothing is at the secondlife market place. In your web browser just put this URL https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ , login and start shopping. When you are done make sure you check out and if you spend any money the balance will be removed. They Do have alot of free clothes. You can also try searching the Galaxy in your sl search engine. They have 15 floors of free things. Good Luck
  3. Hello Everyone, I am in need of an in world job. I will start off by saying I don't have much experience but am willing to learn. I am available from 3pm SLT until when ever. I am excited to start working but not many people are willing to hire someone with little experience. Please, if you are interested contact me at maccimay@gmail.com or contact MacciLee (in world resident). Thank You So Much MacciLee Resident
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