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  1. That's actually what we are talking about. However, the idea that the vendor will not know the order came from SL or the inworld details of that customer is patently false. Storing that data is another question, and storing it in any connected way would be a bad idea. Storing customer information is fine, and necessary for any business, but in this situation you would want to be as transparent as possible. Tell the customer exactly what you store, why you store it, and emphasize that RL/SL data is stored separately, non-sequentially, and non-relationally. Best practices for all business data storage is never store data you do not absolutely need.
  2. No, it's not against TOS to solicit RL business in SL, including details. It IS, however, against TOS to share that information with others inworld. A clear and easy to understand - read "translated into other languages" - Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for your service or products would certainly be something which would garner good will and possibly a little more trust from your would-be customers.
  3. This has actually always been possible. What you may find harder are would-be customers who do not want to give you their RL details in order for you to ship your RL product. However, to get past that hurdle you could use a well-known shopping cart such as PayPal or Amazon's storefront (just for instance) in order to complete the transaction in a way which will assure the customer of security.
  4. Use a free Shoutcast account to broadcast it from Winamp on your desktop. Follow the instructions from shoutcast.com, they've got the download links and all instructions there. Then, set the radio URL of your About Land, Media tab to the Shoutcast URL of your account. This will stream your playlist into your store.
  5. lol yeah she's gotta point tho, the money tree's pretty ugly
  6. Maybe not. Don't uninstall the one you have, but go ahead and install a newer one. Play with the Graphic options in the preferences, start at the bottom of the spectrum as far as quality. Also go into your card's settings if possible and turn off anything that might be causing trouble. Play with the options, and you may yet get a newer client to work. The reason I say this, is you can edit scripts using a text-only viewer, so there are always options. I've gotten viewers to work with VERY old proprietary compaq video cards, and connected with dial-up, and all sorts of things. There is definitely a wide range of what's possible, that you won't find in the "official" documentation..
  7. Also, the avatar UUID is not connected to a user's computer, but the avatar itself. If someone gives you something when you are offline, then you install SL onto a completely new, other computer, anywhere in the world, when you log in for the first time on that computer, your av will receive that given object. Has nothing to do with your computer.
  8. That's what it is. I just tried it and it wasn't set in Applications either because I don't use it. And the list of applications to open the secondlife content with only included my LL client app, not my other viewers.
  9. Could be, this wouldn't be difficult scripting. Edit: I wouldn't expect the Access window in About Land to show the timer though.
  10. Kinda sounds like it might be an alternate viewer option.
  11. Using the regular preferences, I don't think so. I'm sure you could target your flash drive if you compiled your client from the source, though. A batch file may be a possibility.
  12. SL is in the real world, and it is online (well, most of the time). Therefore those residents who prefer anonymity are pretty much SOL...I'm not trying to be a pain here, I'm simply stating the obvious reality on this subject.
  13. My point is that an IP address is not secret personal information. It is public, it is searchable, and it does not belong to you. Everyone and everything you come into contact with online has the potential to access your IP address. Streaming music, Streaming video, Instant Messages, group chat, on and on ad nauseum, none of these things are speciic to SL and in every instance of their use your IP address is exposed. Whether you are in SL, in a browser, or using a desktop application; On a private or mainland sim; reading your email which has a google adwords banner on the page..your IP is exposed.
  14. <sigh> is correct. This is a great ploy to try and get people all upset and start some much unneeded drama. As you know full well, any presence anywhere on the web has your IP information. From the email you send to the javascript alert window that popped up when you visited that web page, right down to every company that has a banner ad on any webpage you've ever visited. They all have access to that information. It really has nothing to do with "sharing" that information because we can't live in this world (the real world - OR any other) without people having access to that information. It's a fact. There are ways to obfuscate your IP address, and if someone is incredibly, unrealistically concerned about "sharing" this information they'll use these methods to hide their IP. Fact is, there is a way to keep your IP completely inviolate. Unplug your modem, sell your computer, and start a garden.
  15. That's the only time I use it, when I'm concerned about memory usage. Otherwise, I don't compile in Mono.
  16. Thanks, I didn't realize that, thought the $10 alt was still happening.
  17. I've been in SL for quite a while but I've never been able to find HOW to make a legitimate "paid for" alt as opposed to another free basic account. Anybody know how it's done?
  18. It was the coffee that did the trick.
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