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  1. thank you SimonT (and ELQ too...), I've just downloaded the Cool Viewer and have been able to save a script! Metabolt didn't work on my PC, no idea why... thanks again!
  2. thank you Ella, then it is my viewer, as my graphics card does not support a newer viewer, I use the Nicholaz Bleeding Edge viewer, based on 1.18... too bad for me, I can't use a newer viewer, so my scripting days are over for now :-(
  3. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else recently, but in the last few days, when I try to edit a script, I get a "unable to upload asset" message, and that's it, I can't save the scripts I edit, notecards are working fine, I can upload textures and modify all my builds, but the scripts give me that message... I have tried to modify scripts in my inventory, in object's inventory, and I have even created new scripts, they all have failed, what could be the reason? what can I do?
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